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  1. hi guys. does any one tried viber on this rom ? i have 2 devices have a problem with viber.no voice and it crashed.
  2. Really i don't know if i were you i would try : 1- Check if clockworkmod updated and if it's already updated. try to flash with an older previous ver. choose from last option in rom manager ( All clockworkmod recoveries ) 2- Extract the files from the theme and put it inside the swedish snow rom keep them in the same locations. you can use 7zip by drag the files to swedish snow rom. Put Contacts.apk,Settings.apk and SystemUI.apk in \system\app and framework-res.apk in \system\framework then flash the rom again after wipe cach / dalvik / reset. 3- TPT my phone with swedish snow. Then flash the theme Good luck and i'm sorry again
  3. Hey eirlysbill1 Thank you for telling me about the animation. now it's updated with full animation Try it and enjoy ;)
  4. Hey chapman iam so sorry to hear that it doesn't work with you don't know exactly where is the problem since it work well with the other guys all what I did is changing icons. Did you give it enough time when it stay on the green android? Some devices take time after flashing!
  5. ok guys thanks :) i will fix it right away Update :- Done please report if the problem still exist
  6. Hey Bill, Thanks for the reply I just don't have ZTE phone any more but I did made the theme for you guys. That's why I asked for a feed back to be sure that it work well ;-) Thank you again Enjoy it :-P
  7. I just brought Sony Xperia S so i didn't taste Romxin RLS7 Gonna test it with a friend soon please i need feedback Enjoy it guys
  8. Here you go ;) 5 Hosts >>>>>>> http://www.multiupload.nl/3L2MGA8UKS 8 Hosts >>>>>> http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/QLLX5CV9/blade_signed_041312_160632.zip_links
  9. Hey jonmac, Thank you for your support and sorry again if i was slow to release the update. i know when you try Romxin theme you hate your blade with out it. It's looks boring like hell. Now we are back on track. :D Thanks for offering help & i hope you enjoy it
  10. Sorry guys I was away now back to work. I will release update for RLS6 soon
  11. Just download the rom again to your computer. Open the zip file and extract phone.apk & contacts.apk from \system\app ( you can drag and drop ). Done
  12. Hey jonmac73 I just flahed fishNship to try the themes on it. the Romxin colors working fine with the setting menu but the dialer are based on zte . Romxin works great on CM7 dialer. -So u will get Settings menu -Some dialer colors ( the header menu ) and other icons. - USB / Sync and some icons. if you want try it, just use this flash file but Backup befor you install . Download here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fish_Romxin -You can open the zip file and remove framework folder and the contacts.apk from "app folder" if you willing to flash only the setting menu . Good luck
  13. Download the themes again and control that it's correct MD5:702C7681F4D395054C7DB864E453CE44
  14. Hey TR_ON Try to download / Flash it again it can be because something else not the file.. i did flash the themes on two phone and it went so good. Flash the rom without the Romxin theme then restart and flash the theme. Hope it fix your problem.
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