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  1. Mobile data also broken for me. Confirmed with carrier and one of the techo's in the local retail store that settings are correct so suspect ROM issue of some sort. Don't have a previous ColdFusionX version to compare to but the previous CM9 build I was using for ages was working fine prior to flashing this version. Can't seem to locate a version past 28/6.. does one exist ? Duck
  2. Joke away weeo... water off a Duck's back :P I have ES File Explorer installed already but it won't give me access to /... only to /sdcard. Any other thoughts ? Duck
  3. I just tried to install an alternate boot animation using root explorer that came with RC5.4 and it was all in some sort of asian characters. I couldn't work out how to change it to english, so I uninstalled it with Titanium. Then I tried to install from the market (hoping it was an english version) but now I get a "Incompatible update" when it tries to install. anyone know how to get around this ? Duck
  4. In my testing so far, only Bluetooth tethering works reliably on the Blade running Alpha 5 Fix 2. Battery life seems to be way better doing this than using WiFi Tethering (Blade running CM7) and I don't think USB tethering works on the current build. I get about 3-4 hours running BT tethering before it starts to get a bit low and I give it some juice. Duck
  5. Any chance of getting the first post in this thread updated to include: 1. Link to Alpha5 Fix 2 2. Libsurfaceflinger zip file so there is a single place to link to or direct people to to install the current known working build ? Might save some redundant posts in here... Duck
  6. 3G now working. There was some additional settings that needed to be added that were not on their config page ... little things like using PAP instead of "nothing" o_O Duck
  7. I don't see 3G data as being in either the working or non-working lists. I am having issues with Vodafone Australia seetings for 3G data... Can someone confirm that 3G is functional ? Any Aussies on the Vodafail network ? Duck
  8. This is probably a dumba$ question, but it is my first time at having to move files directly in the OS. What would I use to do this ? I tried in Terminal Emulator from the directory where the file is located : cp -f libsurf* /system/lib and I get : cp: can't create '/system/lib/libsufaceflinger.so': File exists According to the parameters for cp, the -f implies "Overwrite" Ideas ? Duck
  9. Answered my own question when I got home... Indeed you CAN install with that version of ClockWork :-) Duck
  10. Hi All, Been using CM7 for a while now and recently acquired a second Blade that I want to use to test ICS. It is currently running Clockwork is that high enough to flash any of the ICS alpha's ? Duck
  11. Thanks to Amphoras and yourself, targetbsp, for rushing to my defence !! My belief is that the smaller partition size causes some large market downloads to not complete and application of gapps.zip files to APPEAR to complete but miss some things out. Anyone know how to suggest better error handling in Clockwork such that it displays an error if it cannot unpack all the apk's in a zip ? Duck
  12. Check your /system partition size using df -h in the Terminal app. If you are on a <160 MB /system partition, you will often see this behaviour. Duck
  13. Hmmm, tried changing theme back to System and I get the same result. I am running on Nightly 222. Any other thoughts ? Duck
  14. Hi All, Can anyone offer an explanation about why my Blade would reboot when I try to enable USB Storage ? I can do it without fail. 1. drag down the notification bar and tap the USB Connected option 2. Tap the button to "Turn on USB Storage" 3. Answer OK to the question about "some apps in use will stop unitl USB Storage is turned off" message. 4. Phone then gets the little "thinking" circle rotating (about 15-30 seconds) 5. Screen goes black and the CM7 skateboarding punk android kiddy makes his appearance. I replaced my Micro SD-Card yesterday with a different brand and get the same result. Old=Toshiba New=SanDisk so both are quality brand name items from reputable shop and sealed in unopened new packaging. Is it somehow possible that I have moved some system service/app to the SD card that causes the re-boot ? How would I check ? Duck
  15. Have you done a df in Terminal to see how much space you have used in /system ? or if you are out of space in any other directories.. Duck
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