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  1. gevans3342

    Hudl Android device recovery

    Hi All I was messing about with the linux 32 bit version of rkflashtool to try and root my hudl. Still not managed to get the hudl into the right mode, but when I hold vol up then press reset (or power) the hudl goes into this recovery mode. Is there not a way to flash something from within this? Sorry if this is a stupid question !
  2. gevans3342

    xbmc (media center) on Vega!

    Won't install on JB or VC at the moment. Reports insufficient space.
  3. Hi there Does anyone know if I can safely change the DPI on Beta 1? On the last version it didn't work. Also any idea when (or if) the photo sync might work? Otherwise this seems like a very good ROM indeed!
  4. gevans3342

    Vega Power Adaptor

    Hello I use this one from Ryness, it's only £9.50 and you get an extra 10% discount if you use the code RYNESS10 at the checkout ! http://www.ryness.co...ns-adaptor.aspx
  5. gevans3342

    [ROM] VegaComb 3.2 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain

    yes. mine did exactly the same. Managed to get it working by going into the manage applications area and deleting the data for google market (play store). After that it started OK.
  6. gevans3342

    HDMI not full screen fix for vegacomb?

    Top bannana! That sorted out full screen perfectly.. ICS is going to have to be pretty special to make me change this setup now!
  7. gevans3342

    HDMI not full screen fix for vegacomb?

    Hello, can you let me know what you did for full screen hdmi? I did try honey-ice, but had wifi problems..
  8. gevans3342

    Dragging problem - please help - Christmas present!

    It may also be that the screen is locked.. Long press on a blank area of the screen and if it's locked a message will pop up asking you if you want to unlock it..
  9. gevans3342

    Insufficent Space - help please

    Using WEP, but the problem isn't connecting, it's reconnecting after the tablet has been sleeping..
  10. gevans3342

    Insufficent Space - help please

    I've looked again at the tabletroms page for honeyice and the instructions seem very straightforward. The ones I followed the first time involved loads of extra scripts and running a script in the hidden /data folder. However, I've tried the current one and wifi still does not reconnect.. If anyone has any ideas on either the HDMI patch on VC3.2_9n or getting Wifi to work properly on honeyice, then I'd be most grateful !
  11. gevans3342

    Insufficent Space - help please

    Hello all I've been following this with some interest. I've been happily using VC3.2_9n for a while and it's so good that I've actually been using the tablet rather than constantly tweaking (rather novel!!). However the lack of full HDMI output plus the promise of extra space made me give the HoneyIce update a try. I must admit to finding the rather legthy install instructuction a pain, but got everything working and HDMI worked like a charm and the market cache was on the SD card .. hurrah !! .... all looked good.... but after sleep wifi did not reconnect. I tried lots of settings, but whatever I tried no joy. I know it's not a major thing to go into settings and turn wifi off and on again, but I'd got used to the vega just working.. So back to standard VC i've gone... My question is: Where can I find the HDMI patch that you mention, Newbe5?
  12. gevans3342

    Unable to update/load apps on market

    i had awful problems with the market to start with, which were all solved by deleting my google account from the device, then opening market and signing back in. it's worth a try!
  13. gevans3342

    The Vega just keeps improving

    yep. I 2nd that!
  14. gevans3342

    vegacomb 3.2 no sound via dock

    ok, slight update from my 1st post about the sound. It actually comes out via the hdmi cable now and plays through the TV. it never used to do this in corvus5, so the dock had hdmi into tv and headphone socket to a seperate amp. Of course if i disconnect the hdmi lead from the dock, the sound comes out via the amp as before. one mystery solved! So this really just needs the hdmi display issue sorting out and i'm then going to be one happy camper!
  15. gevans3342

    vegacomb 3.2 no sound via dock

    hello all. got VC3.2.7 working pretty well, but just got an issue with the sound through the dock. no music (using defualt music app) or sound from videos (using mobo) will work when the vega is docked. Stranger still is the fact that if i go into sound settings i hear the notification and ringer sounds ok, but no media . anyone had this and any fix? I also have an issue with the screen only showing about 75% sized and off centre via HDMI but i know this has already been reported with no fix yet (as far as i can see). I have a script that used to work in corvus5 (using gscript) but that simply reboots the vega when i use it on VC3.2.7. Despite a few problems, i'm using ghis as my main rom now and donations to the pot are forthcoming.. Great work !!

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