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  1. with the new version iam not able to change the dates in the data usage slot. actually i never was able to change it, but it allowed me to in Konsta's 27th June version and that too only the mobile data tab not the wifi one. anyone else facing this issue?
  2. no such issues for me so far..have used skype on a number of occassions too...try doing a fresh install
  3. so far no issues found. good Rom and thanks for the soft buttons!
  4. Thankyou! Tried the 20/05 medium build but getting stuck at boot stage...so doesnt work. will wait until one gets built.
  5. hi do we have soft keys for Konsta's build?
  6. Thanks Tilal for your excellent rom. keep up the good work. where are the soft key option..i updated from 02/05 nightly and had installed soft key from the link provided earlier, but now cant seen any soft keys. it used to be under system, is it that i need to install the soft keys again? btw how is the battery life. i used to get around 1 1/2 day with normal usage in the 2/5 build Tried installing soft keys but going in to boot loop! will have to do without soft keys i think:-( just saw the 9/5 soft key build. will try to install that. Tilal the soft keys are missing from your build of 10/05. and can confirm that 9/5 installed fine. yepeee
  7. hey thanks for that. can confirm camera working fine now. await missing apps fix...have managed to install sms backup and whatsapp through titanum backup.will keep an eye for the battery drain. else all working fine now. Thanks Lalit.
  8. There is a link few pages back provided by Lalit. let me see if i can find it for you. apply the zip file and you should have the soft buttons. these are better than CM7, As promised..
  9. did clean install camera preview works 1st time, but couldnt take any photos as clicking on the button didnt do anything 2nd time camera application did not open got an error. camera cannot connect no whatsapp, in playstore. installed sms backup but icon not appearing in the apps section installed s2E but no icon in apps section was able to connect to wifi...but somehow felt speed was slow. CM9 softkeys are awesome
  10. yes agree with it...i tried two stripped down ones and two full ones from various dates...but no luck. will try a clean install shortly and report
  11. tried using mini gapps, but no luck. managed to install via titanium backup and was working fine, but after reboot the applications have vanished. will try a clean install once again tonight. must have messed up during the initial install.
  12. Same issue here too..says sms backup installed, but not appearing in my apps, whereas whatsapp does not appear in the market itself! any idea? tried the stripped down version and the full one too but no luck
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