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  1. thanks a lot, rom is very good as I can see again reluctant FM radio?
  2. that it is also why I started this topic due to exchange opinions and knowledge of the professionals in this business as for the modification of the Rom and the like. I would like someone to write what is important in the Android system and what can be modified and what is not?
  3. I ask for assistance of all who understand the Android system, how to edit files with Rom the tools and everything related to this topic? Thank you in advance.
  4. people have given someone solved this problem to see the number of incoming calls and if so how? Thank you in advance!
  5. rom is very good. only have a problem with fm radio, if anyone has a problem and almost made it perhaps possible to make a fix? Thanks in advance.
  6. of course with the normal use of about ten messages, and about twenty minutes of conversation.
  7. with me holding the battery cool for 13 hours spent just 15% battery! works fantastic for me!
  8. thanks a lot rexchun this rom is very good. small problem creates three keys back meni and home and I noticed that can not be disconnected on the red button when the screen is off. in any case very very good rom and unforgettable FM radio again reluctant.
  9. correction to clarify (nesijaju) the bottens are not lighting on rom 2.2, sorry for my bad English!
  10. ok thank you very much for your response! I respect and admire your work and eagerly await full version of a rom. Thank you again!
  11. rexchun with great respect for you and your work I am sure you will soon set the perfect rom 2.2 and think it is 2.3 rom to step to the perfect version without errors. This rom rickywat 2.2 is very good and I think that is more stable than shuaidi rom 2.2. on the 2.2 there are a few errors such as the resolution when making a call when nevidi name those whom we invite, nesijaju button to connect and disconnect, FM radio has to work with the FM radio of the blade and a couple of small mistakes and of course WiFi. Can you tell me when we can expect a perfect version 2.2 or 2.3 rom. Thank you for your understanding!
  12. Very good tutorial. The icons look great when they change colors.
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