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  1. Official leaked 2.3.4 is absolutly the best one. Everything works great. Regards, Pepe
  2. Sorry, but I have found out that only this kernel has working usb,,,,, You can try some kernels of FLB mod, (I can;t , I dont have RBM2 anymore) Regards, Pepe
  3. Have You installed clockwork recovery ? - I think there is some problem.... Mine is 192MB too, so it should work. Try to boot to clockwork, I tink menu+home +powerbutton, after that You can try to flash again.
  4. Hi, You dont have to unzip it, just copy it on the sd card somewhere, reboot in to clockwork recovery, and flash it from there. SAme way You did it with CM
  5. Skype from Android market works just fine....
  6. Yes, You can use the same file... http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...e/#entry1318835 it is realy simple...
  7. I have tryed the Launcher PRO, and I find even faster.... I am using it now and like it.
  8. DEFY has gorrila glass, better GPU, and better build quality...... I would choose defy
  9. You dont need 1.5 , You can use official UK 2.1 rom. Regards, Pepe
  10. CPU, Camera, Sensors are same, cellular radio is different, camera could be helpfull for us....
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/?vmehw73lj2um171
  12. Huawei Ascend M860 looks like U8230 if it is simular device, here is CM7 and they say that camera works? http://cyanogenascend.blogspot.com/ Can we use some part of their mod? Pepe
  13. From this post: http://android.modaco.com/content-page/337...-rbm2/page/40/# (post #50) But I think that You mixed up Mobile Maps with Aura, even on sygic site for M860 (Android 2.2) it is offering only mobilemaps..... Aura is only for high end devices......
  14. Not a good idea, in first modifyed rom it is there, but very buggy, in second, a2sd is removed. Swapper2 works better (in this rom), and You can set swappines and swap size from it.
  15. After this, aura started, but not working perfectly....need more testing
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