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  1. No point argue with you guys :D I'm only 1 , you are few. facts are there for the people to see them for the ones which REALLY want to see the truth. Anyway, if the radio posted on net NOT working as you claim and that the "master" will release soon something final for free, why so much trouble??? This should only add more "fame" to you... But i think this "fight" for remove is due to financial stuff (still trying to make money out of it :D ) Welcome to the dark side of the force :angry:
  2. Sorry but i don't get it.. When the imei-check work was STOLEN and posted on the net nobody said that. So what is the difference here. He stolen, and showed how he stolen and published the stolen work and this makes it ok??? (as he showed how to steal it???) Please clarify this for me. HE USED OUR IDEAS IN HIS WORK AND NOBODY hold our side . WE INVENTED the soft SPL. WE PATCH fist the bootloader and loaded in ram and booted from it so we can flash unsiged roms. THEY analysed OUR work and release as their OWN invention! How is called this??? Please check the facts before you make such claims mate!
  3. So lets make few things clear: This crack is NOT done by imei-check and never been claim as OUR work! If we wanted to do this we will put on our site and asked for donation (just like olipro and pof did with out software). We are not as low as that :D Few things to remember: IMEI-check WROTE the unlockers for windows mobile. Olipro and few others comes along crack them, rips them off and release them for free claiming them as their OWN work. Everyone sees olipro as a GOD. Imei-check stops releasing new software (starting from diamond) due of been sick that our software been cracked and released under some other names claiming been their work and asking for donation money. Olipro makes the diamond radio patch and sells the solution to indian customers(from what i heard was over 19K value...), which cracked his software and release it on the internet. It gets publish on nearly every forum and few h later always gets deleted . We imei-check never had this privileged before :angry:( Note to olipro: YOU STILL USE OUR COPYRIGHTED ICON IN YOUR LAME UNLOCKER! Legal actions are in process! Now olipro to keep stay as a "hero" pretends is a beta test software. Was no software in that rar in the rapid share, just a radio patch, and as you always claimed on xda-developers is NO copyright in a nbh file... so why the hell you keep asking to take it off :D ??? Face it mate is hurts isn't it? Thats how we felt as well when you did it to our own software!!! Is hard to see when you spend lots of time to develop something and someone comes along and crack it and release it for free. Unfortunately this always been in the GSM business :(
  4. Get a better antivirus then !!! ;) Scan with any other antivirus or send the software to NOD to be checked for ANYTHING and you'll see it does just what it say on the tin and NOTHING else!
  5. Take sd card OUT. Inside the phone MUST have ANY sim card in. Restart pc, restart phone and start from 0.
  6. It sounds like you use an UNPATCHED Windows XP SP2 installation in combination with ActiveSync4.5 (you never installed any CRITICAL Microsoft BUG fixes). Windows XP/SP2 has a bug which causes a blue screen/reboot when an application uses ActiveSync4.5 to communicate with a device. Solution: Use Windows update and install at least the CRITICAL bug fixes or at minimum install this patch from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  7. Check again the history of unlockers ! HTC UNIVERSAL unlock been FIRST released BY imei check (postal unlock ONLY) and then after FEW MONTHS buzz brought out a free unlocker! To save your time here are the proofs: http://forum.xda-developers.com/archive/in...p/t-250354.html (dated 07-12-2005) and the free solution: http://www.msmobilenews.com/windows-mobile...niversal-5.html dated: 25 May 2006
  8. RAM-BOOTLOADER was indeed an IMEI-CHECK invention. Not sure about haret but it is for LINUX loading as far as we know and has nothing to do with loading the DEVICE BOOTLOADER in RAM and executing it. To make it clearer: Development of Hermes, Trinity, Breeze, P750, Athena unlockers consumed a lot of time, crashed several devices and almost brought no sales at all since cracker POF was stealing our hard work. We had a big loss from these previous unlockers. That's why we can not risk to offer our hard work to thieves like POF. We might offer a postal unlock, but only for EU customers , not sure yet as from past experience with HTC Universal it wasn't worth the effort (always postal delays, customs charges, etc etc). There would be absolutely no point in IMEI-CHECK "pretending" to have a solution because you know that in the past ALL Windows Mobile unlockers came from IMEI-CHECK. The new business model simply will ensure that POF will not steal again our hard work and cause us a big loss again. Like mentioned before: "IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SITUATION FEEL FREE TO COMPLAIN TO THE THIEVES"
  9. We try to help you, but when you don't willing to colaborate with our support team how can we be more helpfull ? The message about laptop we read it from your post here on the forum. So, if you want support, please colaborate (answer in details to our questions) and please use the web interface for the email so your emails arrive for sure at us. We sick of email problems (that user claiming they sent email to us and mail not riched us or customers claiming that they never received our emails). Anyway i'll stop posting here as this is not a support forum for imei-check :D. If you want support write to us (using the web page designed for that).
  10. You said here on forum that was a TABLET pc, and u didn't said that in the emails to us. The unlockers DO NOT work on ANY Tablet pc (problems with the power in the usb port!) ! You see a SMALL detail but for us is very important! Try please on a DESKTOP or a LAPTOP runing windows XP or 2000 SP4.
  11. I'll answer only onces to this acusations: First thing firsts. WHY you didn't post the FULL story and ONLY parts of it? We asked you several time to answer some simple questions which you refused to answer. Simple as that HOW can we help someone if they don't cooperate by answering our questions? Unfortunatly we can't read minds! The problem does not need any more explanation. Solution for all unlocking problems: Contact IMEI.-CHECK support AND ANSWER questions then you get help to solve your problems.
  12. Checked my contrat details, nowere was state that i allow them to pass my detail to a third party. Today got a new spam call :) . So i got very pissed off and canceled my contract (still in 14 days return YEY).
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