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  1. I install every nightly as soon as it becomes available, wiping my phone everyday would be very uncomfortable :D
  2. It just did it again. That's it, I'm reverting to N18 for now :D
  3. My phone randomly shut down two times today (#19)... I don't know under what circumstances the first one happened as I put it out of my pocket and realised it was turned off. Just a moment ago, I picked it up from the table and wanted to unlock it, so I swiped the lock icon and it proceeded to shut down (with the "Your device will be now powered off" dialog and all). I swear if it powers off during the night and doesn't wake me up in the morning, I'm going to rip my skin off.
  4. I had problems with universal androot, had to use that desktop app, but it requires you to install correct drivers (which requires you to get into fastboot)
  5. Well, what I thought of first would be getting com.modaco.reboot from MoDaCo's r12's /system/app/, it allows you to reboot into Recovery, Fastboot, or normal. But now I'm not sure if you are be able to root your phone properly beforehand... :huh: There HAS to be some way for getting into those, though... because someone has to do it. EDIT: someone from the other thread has the same problem, one would do a TPT to enable back the functionality (so this is clearly a ROM issue)
  6. (sorry about digging up an old topic) What's been bugging me is the cause of this issue. Is the screen actually mounted upside-down? Except for ShootMe, you can see it when booting into Clockworkmod, but then, everything else in the phone seems to be aware of this and fixes it's orientation. I just wrote to ShootMe author via e-mail with hopes of including some sort of workaround for this. I'll keep you posted.
  7. Oops. This is an absolute showstopper :D Hope you didn't run into any serious problems because of that.

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