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  1. I tried it. Settings menu is still same sluggish as other miui-s. Going back to SS7. :( I made a mirror for it: http://www.mediafire.com/?8bddd0vnnvegcxd
  2. That rom is cool (Y). MIUI notification panel and file manager are the best. But the 600mhz is bottleneck.
  3. I don't know where I got it in first place, but I uploaded it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5hep57jc4l5j3sr I flashed it in CWM and didn't have to wipe anything, all worked right away. (Y) :)
  4. Same thing was on my blade too. Then I flashed wbaw kernel on. The performace in settings menu improved, all other stuff is faster. I hope the battery life is better too, this kernel should have undervolt and gpu overclock and other good stuff it. :)
  5. Thanks. I didn't like the only the percentage in statusbar so I modified it to be a percent and circle. :) http://www.mediafire.com/?o54bdrjqzmieh1z
  6. Nice the v2 version has all the bloat removed and nice clean rom. And it's fast on homescreens and in apps menu. The settings menu is a bit sluggish. But not much. Is it prossible to change the battery to show percent?
  7. I have one problem with themes. When applying a black or dark theme the font colors are dark so I cannot see anything what's written there. I did a wipe flashed the update nothing just same. :( I used theme WP7 Dark that should have white fonts there but it still is the same.
  8. Hi! Nice! My phone is Blade, ZTE Blade.
  9. 768mhz is almost 30% more than the stock clock. And you want more. :S I tried that and it seems to work. :) My battery holds better with that mod.
  10. How to get calendar sync working? I flashed new rom and gapps, but sync still is saying: Sync is experiencing problems......
  11. I installed it yesterday and it's stunning. Smooth and so many configuration options. (Y) How can I install google calendar and sync with it?
  12. Even with my cheap earphones there is a big difference. Thanks
  13. Thanks works like charm. Have to read the manual before posting.
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