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  1. I dropped mine in the ditch! So got a soaking too! What I did was take the back panel out, take the sd card and sim card out. Got the hair dryer and in a warm heat I blow dried the back of much water off as possible. Then I got the hoover and put the pipe over the back and sucked up the remaining water and moisture. Did the hair dryer thing again. Then got a small plactive box and filled up a little of the bottom with rice. Then put the phone in along with the sim and battery and sd card and then more rice on top of it. I put it next to the water boiler where it's warm all the time in order for the phone to dry out. I left it for four hours and naughtily put the battery back in and switched it on to see if it worked. It did. But immediately took the battery out and turned the phone the other way round and covered it up with rice again. I left the phone in over night and woke up the next morning and cleaned up the rice residue from the phone/card/sd/sim and put it all back together again. It worked for me luckily enough/ Fingers crossed... It should work... Otherwise I have no clue who can repair water damaged phones truth be told.
  2. I don't have this problem at all and I use Blue Ginger! Firstly have you gone into - Settings - Click on Sound - Click on Vibrate and then turn it off? That should work... Secondly; If that doesn't work download a volume manager such as Volume Ace or Audio Manager that enables you to go into it's app and choose whether you want the phone to vibrate or not. Another app called My Settings does the same job too.. All of them free... Hope this helps
  3. I had this happen to me but for two different reasons. Firstly when I installed this Rom I didn't completely clear out all the cache and data and it drained like no tomorrow. I went from 100% to 89% in a matter of minutes. (my fault) I then cleaned the fone up again and did a factory rest and cleared all the data and reinstalled it again, and reinstalled my apps via Titanium Back up. I noticed there was a huge drain there. I couldn't figure it out. Stupidly I realised what I had done. I was talking to my friends daughter about the picture she had drawn and also ran the 'install system data settings' It was that that drained me so heavily. My bad as the system settings were from another Rom. Anyhoo... Third time lucky, Factory rest, wiped fone and cache and data and boot and everything in clockwork mod. Flashed the rom and just installed the apps only. Then I went through all the systems settings myself on what I needed and didn't need. Once I did that the fone and rom and the battery has settled into being a very good battery life with no drain at all. I allowed the battery to drain completely after installing the rom by the way. Turned fone off and recharged it.
  4. I gave up with the HTC IME Mod. Everytime I had the odd glitch with the phone or the latin dictionary that would somehow fubar the HTC IME Through luck - I found a program that offers the exactly the same as the HTC IME - It's called Smart Keyboard Pro. I could never get the T9 that offers the HTC IME phone pad to work in the trial version. So I ended up just buying the Pro version. It is worth buying actually for that Phone pad alone and the additional dictionary settings and choosing the skin to look like a HTC IME... Download that and the English Keyboard for it to work - When installed - Go into settings - Go into General Settings - Click on Portrait Mode - Click On T9 Go back into General Settings - Click on Select Skin - Scroll down and Click on HTC The rest of the settings you can choose yourself... For me personally I have found it to be worth £1.75. It's faster and smoother than the HTC IME and I have less grief and the additional dictionary and custom auto text in entering my own text short cuts is a time save... EG in text prediction I have typed in b4 (to change into ) before... etc etc.. didnt - didn't you get the gist... Just those little time savers that saves me having to type out all those words and much longer ones.
  5. Flumpster & The Soup Thief Thank you to both of you taking the time to address my concern. That has helped a great deal actually and saved a lot of grief and confusion. I was just getting overwhelmed with the amount of posts and 'do this or do that' and I just went cross eyed in the process, which scared me off from even daring to try to move to Gen2. Now that I have clarity and can see what is what, I am less hesitant to move over to Gen2. I will once I read it all again thoroughly I will be able to understand the process more clearly and what to do. Thank you to both of you as now it has given me the confidence to try this out on the 2 ZTE Blades I have and want to move to Gen2. Again thanks to both of you and your time in addressing my concerns. It's appreciated :mellow:
  6. I really think this is a very good suggestion to be honest with you. Gen1 & Gen2 does certainly need to be subdivided as it's getting completely messy. For me I am holding off going to Gen2. I really would like to go to this, but with a fair few screwing up and asking the same questions over and over again, we do need a section in how to get from Gen1 to Gen2. Yes there is posts in regards to this, but a simple post with no posts allowed to be added in just the basics of how to do this. The same for Gen1 users who wish to move to CM7. It's getting too messy and my eyes just groan at the amount of posts I need to go through to get from A-Z in understanding the move to Gen2 (Whilst it may be simple, too many are posting about end result problems). Whilst agreed there is a fair success rate, it's not successful enough when IMEI numbers are disappearing into the ethers and you need this file and back up that file and do this file. At this rate you need a Degree in even trying to get everything ready and have files in order in case anything get's screwed up. It's just too messy, the ZTE Blade users - need clarity, need to find the posts with ease if they have failed in something. To be left like this in the mess it is has really put me off trying to move to Gen2 in the past few weeks. This is not a pointing fingers at Modaco - far from it. This site is really helpful to it's users, but we have a lot of people who wish to stay at Gen1 for fear of temporarily bricking their phone. I can't blame them, as my eyes are like :mellow: at even trying to understand all this process. For Gen2 what is really needed is a simple full proof method of transfer for Gen1 to Gen2 if possible. I don't have a clue in how to do that and take my hat of to those who have done this. But it needs to be simple it truly does, otherwise people are just going to stick with Gen1. I do believe that there will come a time when Gen2 will be better and have more reasons to move to this version than to stay at Gen1. But again the process needs to be simple, it needs be KISS... Is it possible to make it any easier? I don't know but I do hope so... Me who's staying Gen1 for now... Until all this mess is sorted out and there is clear details in what to do and what happens if XY or Z pops up and how to knock it on the head without too many 'I bricked the phone posts' appearing time and time again on the very same issues.
  7. Lew is right that Google Synch can cause problems with duplicates. However I must add I still had duplicates after sorting out synch and googles pain in the butt of a contact list. With it turned off etc etc, I still had duplicates and hidden duplicates on the phone. Did a post on this sometime back. It was when I used the apps in above post I sorted finally sorted the duplicates and got the phone working to how it should be contacts wise. Duplication isn't always caused by google and it's synching sadly. That is what I have found from my experience.
  8. I had this problem myself... No matter when I was removing contacts and adding them again, the contact list numbers increased to the point I had over 500 contacts. The easiest way first is to get Contact Analyzer (version 2 is memory serves me correct ) and Contact Remover. download both of these from the Market. With contact Analyzer - Use it and prese on menu, and merge the current contacts all into one. Then check duplicates also. This will clean up your contact list. At this point go into the menu again and click on information and all should be okay and the correct amount. Get out of that prog and go into contacts and export your current cleaned up list to SD card Go into Contact remover and delete all contacts... When done Go into Contacts and Import from SD card. That should do the trick of cleaning up all your messed up contacts.
  9. Hey guys, Wondering if you can figure and maybe help with the dictionary issue I have with the HTC IME Keyboard. I am currently using FLB's 10b Rom and had no problems in installing the HTC keyboard and it's clicker for calibration. When you type new words on this keyboard, it should in theory save on the user dictionary and recognise the new word the next time you type it. That is okay, until you turn off the phone and turn it back on later. The dictionary reset's itself to the original dictionary list and the whole list of words you have typed out during the day has been lost! Has anyone had any problems with this and is there a way to resolve it? I only ask as it's a pain typing words again and again only for it not to recognise it and input another word. I don't have this issue with Swype. It's recognised the words in my .txt list and no issues after rebooting. It's only happening with the HTC IME keyboard. I would love to resolve this issue as it's happening on both of the san frans I have. Any ideas or help would be greatly received to resolve this issue...
  10. Hey Rak, Yes, I used all the juice till there was nothing left off the battery. It went to 0% on mine. ( well both of the phones I did this to ) which as you pointed out shuts down the phone eventually. Then I recharged it till 100%. Yes it shown me the proper battery levels. For example. Before I drained the battery, I would use the Dialer one for the phone. It would show the battery level as let's say 77% and then wouldn't change at all. Then when I used another app it would suddenly change and say the battery is at 56%. I knew the app I clicked on wouldn't drain that much. So to me, the battery level wasn't correct and was all over the place. Since I have drained the battery totally, and recharged it with the phone switched on ( due to not wanting to miss a call) I just let the phone go to sleep as it does when you don't use it and let it recharge. With both phones, I have found the battery level % to be more smoother and correct. Smoother in the extent that it would drain the battery correctly for the apps you use, and be correct. (if that makes sense?) I have also found it not to be draining quickly now, it's as if draining the battery acts like a reset of sorts and then is correct afterwards. That's the best I can explain it. The battery seems to be better and more accurate now on both of the phones. So when it says 77% you know it is actually 77% rather than something else. I hope that's helped...
  11. After a few days of using 10b I am much happier now. I did find one thing though which was to do with the battery consumption. One minute it would say I am at 57% and net thing I found out I was at 43%. It felt that the battery gauge wasn't working as it should have done. So I did the total drastic thing. I drained the blinking thing till the battery was 0%. Drained it totally and then recharged too a 100% Since then not a problem, the battery is more efficient in terms of it's percentage, much better in lasting and is spot on in terms of saying how much juice is left in the battery. I did the same to the missus's san fran and again it's running more smoothly. Just thought I'd let you know. So far I haven't had a problem in terms of apps I have been using, Handcent Diarler one, Swype etc etc. The only two small glitches were that the android market lost all my listing off apps? Which confused me, and Rom manager. The Rom manager when you use it drains the battery so fast it's scary. On the whole I have only had one boot up issue which I have mentioned earlier on in here. Oh that reminds me.... Notification Ringtones On JJ9 when you go through your ringtones and notification tones - for ringtones the listing would come up as "Ringtone" & notifications as 'Notifications' now on 10b both come up as 'Ringtones' is that a glitch or something that can be edited in the files? Thanks for the good work so far, I look forward to seeing this getting better and better
  12. Hey flibblesan, I have changed 2 blades from JJ9 to your version. I wiped everything and did a clean install.. No problem there, but there has been two noticable things and I can't see anyone mentioning this, hence this post. Firstly, if you install an app on the market (unfortunately there is no definite app that causes this as different on both phones) Sometimes when you turn the phone off and back on the loading process stalls. It's just showing the boot up splash screen and stays there for ever. If you deinstal an app ( on mine Appkik was the cause of this) and then turned the phone off... Then turn it back on later the boot up screen splash is just hanging there and refuses to load up. I just have to take the battery out as in both instances you can't close the phone down. Then go into clockwork and reboot. Then it will boot up properly... PS Out of interest, is the boot up supposed to be long? The only reason I ask is that there is a noticable difference in terms of time on JJ9 and yours. Not a complaint, just me being curious.
  13. I bought two cases from timeblast last friday. Ordered it at lunchtime and then a knock on the door the next morning, the postman was there with my delivery from him. What can I say to that? Not only did the grey cases fit perfectly but so did the screen protectors too. Which brings me onto something to ask Timeblast about, Timeblast, The screen covers fitted perfectly on both of them. However there were two different covers. One had a glazed cover effect and the other was clear. It's a pity that you don't sell screen protectors especially glazed effect one cause really it's the best one I have had for my screen. That cover doesn't even get smudged or look greasy after you have used the screen. Seriously it's that good. Way better than the other of the two which you see smudge marks so easily. It's a pity you aren't selling that type of screen protector cause I could do with it for the other phone. It's just that good. I even made an error with the screen protector and had to repeal it off and peel it back on to the screen as I was just slightly out. No problems with that either, not a bubble. Would you or could you think about getting those type of screen protectors? Just asking Thanks for the speedy delivery and the cases again fit so perfectly I am happy with just paying the little extra for piece of mind especially when the phone is literally thrown about whilst working.
  14. I like Swype as for me it's much easier to use. Granted it sometimes slips up and inserts another word than the actual one you tried to swype. I don't know about the HTC dictionary or Android as I can't find it in the system. What I do know is that if you have the time for an hours worth of faffing about. Create a text document and write every slang or swear word you use in everyday life... Don't insert the words as swearword, swearword, slangword Do it as swearword swearword swearword slangword etc etc etc Once you have done it, then put the text document on your sd card and then go into astro or something like that and open up the file with file editor. Make sure the keyboard you are using at the time is swype. Select all of the document, then copy and then press that S key at the bottom left of the swype keyboard that also doubles up as giving you tips or information. You may need to select all and copy a few times and press that s. Eventually it will insert all those words into the dictionary itself. Saves for a lot of faffing when you first use swype as it has no slang nor any swear words in it. It's amazing when you realise just how many swear words, names of places or shortened/slang words you do use in everyday life. It makes me wonder if you could do this with Android Dictionary etc etc
  15. Here's a weird thing, but it's not just an O2 issue had the same with T-mobile before it joined Orange. The signal strength of the phone inside the house is poor. That bad, about 1 bar or nothing. Yet walk out the front door 'BOOM' the signal is at full strength. Just that few meters. Yet with the orange sim it's at full strength inside the house. I have got to the point now that unless I really cannot get a signal at all, I don't always rely on the signal strength as being a reliable guide. Even when no bars are showing, I still get the call coming through. I do know inside the house if I point the phone to a certain direction the I get full strength.
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