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  1. I've solved the video problem :) I cleared the cache and the user data and re-flashed the Xolo ICS update.zip. I then checked the OTA update screen - which now had the two blue boxes at the bottom - and did the OTA update. It told me I needed a 57MB update (if I remember right) which I agreed to. It rebooted with fully functioning video. Next step is to see if I can get it rooted.... Thanks to all who replied to my original post.
  2. Two ways to solve the video problem, I reckon: a) reflash with an ICS update.zip which will solve the problem (the one installed is the 299MB Xolo ICS update.zip) B) reflash with an ICS update.zip which is rootable, then change the video libs using AZ210 Tools. Anyone know where I can get either of these update.zips?
  3. I've got the Xolo update.zip (299MB) installed but have the no video on the phone problem. I can see the display OK either via HDMI cable and the TV, or via via the VNC option. When I try to do an OTA update, I get the update screen OK, but all it has is a small orange box in which you can put a tick (or not). The two blue boxes at the bottom are missing so the OTA update doesn't work. I have tried to root the phone with the AZ210 tools, but no success: the system is read only. It won't flash back to the original Orange system, by the way, so I'm well and truly stuck! Any ideas?
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