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  1. Here is the problem and i hope you guys could help me. I cannot flash recovery 2.2 on 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 bin, it always shows "remote:flash write failure". I'm not a rookie, and recovery 1.1 worked well for me on 2.2 bin. My search results show that it may have something to do with the size of "recoo.img"(4852Kb), too big for my machine to flash into. You may say recovery 2.2 works fine for you but it seems my machine really needs a smaller "recoo.img". So, i don't know how to resize the recoo.img or VACHE, could you do me a favor to make a smaller recoo.img? I really need you guys to help me now ! Thanks!
  2. Vache ,I really need your help now! I cannot flash recovery 2.2, it shows "remote:flash write failure", I guess it's due to the size of "recoo.img"(4852kb). Could you please make another recoo.img with a smaller size ? Thanks!!!

  3. vache,now i'm on a 2.3.4 rom,but i cannot flash recoo.img(4852kb), it also shows ‘remote:flash write failure’ always. Could you please make another recoo,img with smaller size? No recovery , no root.
  4. HI,VACHE,i got a problem here. I have flashed the latest bin 3.026.01, but when i was trying to flash recovery 2.2, it showed "FAILED(remote:flash write failure)" . i have seen a post describing the same problem, and i think it's due to the size of "recoo.img" . IF so , vache, could you please make a recoo.img with smaller size? Thanks!
  5. hi~ Please see this post. I got the same problem when flashing recovery 2.2
  6. IT SHOWS "FAILED(remote:flash write failure)"
  7. IT SHOWS "FAILED(remote:flash write failure)"
  9. I cannot flash recovery 2.2 on this 3.026.01 bin,but recovery 1.01 works. I guess it's due to the size of "recoo.img"
  10. Great work!!! but i still have a problem of using Link2sd on this rom,is there any way to make link2sd work ?
  11. Just tried this rom,unfortunately no fix on camera issue, i had no interest to test other problems and i will flash back 2.2.2 soon. STILL WAITING for a better 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 And i have a question @vache: I must say that acer ui on 2.3.3 is great,is it possible to just port this ui to 2.2.2?right now the acer ui is the only reason for me to have a try on 2.3.3 or 2.3.4. THANKS! 
  12. judging from the Name "GEN1", it's almost impossible.
  13. Great work!vache plus,how does superuser work? It always force closes on my phone, this package fix the problem?
  14. vache,i just flashed the su.zip file in recovery mode, and successfully got the root permission. But the superuser always FC when i use Titanium. I use the superuser for froyo, since there wasn't a gingerbread version.
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