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  1. I was getting a similar problem intermittently. The phone acted as if it was getting semi-random screen presses. Looking more closely, I saw patterns in the key strokes e.g. on numeric keypad it was mainly 2,5 & 8 appearing. Then I started seeing a problem with areas of the screen being unresponsive. I installed an app called Touch Test which traces out path of finger on the screen. This showed a rectangle of unresponsiveness. It covered from ~30% to 60% of the screen width and 0-75% of the screen height. I replaces the touchscreen yesterday and the full screen is responsive again. So far the random key presses have not recurred.
  2. Just noticed that AdBlock Plus had been disabled. Enabling it appears to have overcome the problem.
  3. Same here, Chrome is OK but Firefox goes to sleep for several seconds with each page opened. Wonder if it is a problem with a Firefox Add-on? Will try disabling add-ons to study effect.
  4. Is it an old SIM that has the problem? Has it ever worked on this phone? I had problem using an old SIM (>5yr old) which was cured by getting a replacement. Others have had similar experience. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...d-messages-sms/
  5. Had identical problem and found I needed a new SIM as mine was so old it was not compatible with new hardware.
  6. Yes, it is not surprising but I could find very little information about this subject when I had the problem sending messages. Most information refers to APN settings. It might be a point worth adding to the pinned Common Problems/Questions/FAQ post.
  7. Replacement SIM arrived today and voila, sends text messages with the default virgin APN settings. Not sure how old the SIM was but I would guess about 8 years old.
  8. Having similar problem with a Virgin SIM. Tried various APN settings as recommended in the forums without success. Read in another thread that older SIMs may not be compatible. I have requested a new SIM. Will report back when I receive it.
  9. The Argos offer includes £10 free credit and £10 paid giving a total of £20 credit. However, I am not having success getting either amount to be credited to my account!
  10. Good news - they had my phone. Bad news - they insisted on purchase of £10 top up. So price is £99.99 including £10 top up and a further £10 top up when I register.
  11. Yes, I had a lot of similar failed attempts over the past couple of days then found two stores with stock this morning (and got reservation number). There was still one in stock at Silverburn (Glasgow) last time I looked.
  12. I have finally managed to reserve one. Will collec tfrom Argos tonight so should be able to confirm price later.
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