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  1. supermies123

    ICS AOSP user discussion

    I can't install Gapps for Blade ARMv6 package. It just says Error (Status 6). Why is that? I used TPTv10 so the system partition should be large enough.
  2. Could someone upload an ICS alpha or beta ROM for Blade to a new thread if possible?
  3. Any mirror sites for 7.1.0 Blade?
  4. Is this the Final version or is there going to be a Final after this one?
  5. Actually, i think Android Ice Cream Sandwich is version 4.0 and it's coming on october or november
  6. Using 1.2 version with Full wipe. Only problem for me is sometimes after night phone has shut itself down even though there is battery still left.. Besides that, a great ROM =)
  7. supermies123

    [POLL] CAE 1.1

    Old Android Market is better than the new one IMO..
  8. What Kernel version is CM7 using at the moment and is it as fast as Ginger Stir Fry?
  9. I installed this ROM. Sometimes when I call to someone they say that they can't hear my voice very well like the signal would be bad or something in places where normally would be very good signal. I don't know if it's rom related issue or something else... Other than that, this is very good rom. Nice colouring on settings and on notification bar =) Like it!
  10. I can't update Launcher Pro from the market. Maybe because it's included in this rom?
  11. what's the situation on CM7, is it working as fast as Ginger Stir Fry now with the new Kernel? btw, has anyone tried to download torrents over 3G? i tried it with TTorrent app. First download speed rises pretty high but then it drops to almost zero. Then rising and dropping again...... What's the problem with that?
  12. does RC1 have battery drain issue caused by libaudio?
  13. Why don't they make another version of CM7 without FM Radio if that is causing battery drain or can it be fixed?
  14. Are they gonna make menu scrolling smoother in CM7? Menu scrolling works pretty nicely in Ginger Stir Fry ROM.
  15. I tried to send an .apk file via Bluetooth with CM7 N102. I opened File Manager and long pressed the file, then chose Send, but the phone said there is no program which could send it. Why is that? Sending with Bluetooth works with other filetypes i tried. And btw, will GPS fix be included in some point to CM7?

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