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  1. Urgent Advice please ........... returning G510 due to same recuring fault (SIM card loose over time & no signal) Y550 for £55, or G620 / Moto G 4G for £115, or Experia E3 for £90 Y550 would be OK I think but still concerned over 4Gb ROM limitation on apps. Had to be prudent with apps on G510 to keep 100Mb + free. Is Y550 any better ? Thanks in advance
  2. anyone give some real world experience ? am torn between huawei y550, g620 or Moto G. Can get y550 in UK for £55, others are 100 +. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, sorry for basic Q's..... can I install this on stock UK G510-0100 running B195 update from UK Vodafone ? Do i need to root & install TWRP or similar ? How can I get back to current stock in case of return ? Am at point of taking this back & getting Moto G - keeps running out of memory, doesn't recognize SD card, have to clear cache on certain apps etc. Thanks
  4. Thanks again Flibblesan Just rec'd warranty replacement G510 and couldn't remember how to get rid of the Huawei screen lock - priceless info. Now have standard Android lockscreen, with KK background and KK Launcher.
  5. UPDATE - I must have had a dodgy handset. Developed a hardware fault with loose battery connections - swapped out at ASDA for another. This one had completely different VF apps on it - got it home & did update & worked fine first time. VF don't seem to be very knowledgable on these handsets - hopefully this helps someone.
  6. anyone else any ideas ? Vodafone are telling me they will do it but as warranty repair so send off for a week or so ............. not best pleased at that as seen reports on other forums of this update installing fine.
  7. Hi SS - thanks for your post. Is this from personal experience ? Tried all the above - when restarting will buttons depressed - black screen initially, followed by solid purple screen. No messages, nothing......... Had to remove battery to reboot - no upgrade has happened. Any ideas ?
  8. tonyb - sorry only just seen this - did not get an alert for some reason. In a way comforting that someone else has same issue - VFone are not interested in helping - suggested via warranty repair !!?? What network are you on ? Was going to try a VF PAYG SIm to see if that helps, but not sure if worth it........... Anyone else any ideas ??
  9. Hi, have recently bought a UK G510 - prompted me for online software update but fails each time. Download and click install - reboots to Recovery & says "OTA update", then "Installation aborted" retruns to recovery menu and have to reboot. Has to re-donwload the 142Mb update each time I try....... How do I download the update and "update via SD card" as prompted by the system update tool ? Current version = G510-0100V100R001C02B171 New version = G510-0100V100R001C02B195 (G510-0100_Vodafone_B195) It's Vodafone branded bought from Asda. Am running with OVIVO SIM (which uses Vodafone network) - is this the problem ? Is it worth going into a VF store ? Thanks in advance EDIT - sorry forgot to add - not interested in rooting or custom ROM - happy with stock with different launcher etc. Just want latest stock image.
  10. thanks again for user views - much appreciated. Will try and get one via Orange upgrade next week.
  11. Thanks for your opinions - much appreciated. Am tempted I think ..........
  12. Thanks Ken - is the 4" screen a decent improvement over Blade 3.5 ?. The 510 does sound bigger but sounds like real-world Y300 screen size is better.
  13. Thanks for responses - yes concerned over 512 RAM (same as Blade) but am not intensive user so may be OK for me. Very tempted - either this or cheap chinese import with bigger screen.
  14. Thanks hajj - tried my own removing langs, but still got same error on first boot. Yours is fine tho - thanks.
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