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    Orange San Fran - Huawei G510
  1. Urgent Advice please ........... returning G510 due to same recuring fault (SIM card loose over time & no signal) Y550 for £55, or G620 / Moto G 4G for £115, or Experia E3 for £90 Y550 would be OK I think but still concerned over 4Gb ROM limitation on apps. Had to be prudent with apps on G510 to keep 100Mb + free. Is Y550 any better ? Thanks in advance
  2. jonmac73

    New Phone ??

    anyone give some real world experience ? am torn between huawei y550, g620 or Moto G. Can get y550 in UK for £55, others are 100 +. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, sorry for basic Q's..... can I install this on stock UK G510-0100 running B195 update from UK Vodafone ? Do i need to root & install TWRP or similar ? How can I get back to current stock in case of return ? Am at point of taking this back & getting Moto G - keeps running out of memory, doesn't recognize SD card, have to clear cache on certain apps etc. Thanks
  4. jonmac73

    Tips & Tricks!

    Thanks again Flibblesan Just rec'd warranty replacement G510 and couldn't remember how to get rid of the Huawei screen lock - priceless info. Now have standard Android lockscreen, with KK background and KK Launcher.
  5. UPDATE - I must have had a dodgy handset. Developed a hardware fault with loose battery connections - swapped out at ASDA for another. This one had completely different VF apps on it - got it home & did update & worked fine first time. VF don't seem to be very knowledgable on these handsets - hopefully this helps someone.
  6. anyone else any ideas ? Vodafone are telling me they will do it but as warranty repair so send off for a week or so ............. not best pleased at that as seen reports on other forums of this update installing fine.
  7. Hi SS - thanks for your post. Is this from personal experience ? Tried all the above - when restarting will buttons depressed - black screen initially, followed by solid purple screen. No messages, nothing......... Had to remove battery to reboot - no upgrade has happened. Any ideas ?
  8. tonyb - sorry only just seen this - did not get an alert for some reason. In a way comforting that someone else has same issue - VFone are not interested in helping - suggested via warranty repair !!?? What network are you on ? Was going to try a VF PAYG SIm to see if that helps, but not sure if worth it........... Anyone else any ideas ??
  9. Hi, have recently bought a UK G510 - prompted me for online software update but fails each time. Download and click install - reboots to Recovery & says "OTA update", then "Installation aborted" retruns to recovery menu and have to reboot. Has to re-donwload the 142Mb update each time I try....... How do I download the update and "update via SD card" as prompted by the system update tool ? Current version = G510-0100V100R001C02B171 New version = G510-0100V100R001C02B195 (G510-0100_Vodafone_B195) It's Vodafone branded bought from Asda. Am running with OVIVO SIM (which uses Vodafone network) - is this the problem ? Is it worth going into a VF store ? Thanks in advance EDIT - sorry forgot to add - not interested in rooting or custom ROM - happy with stock with different launcher etc. Just want latest stock image.
  10. thanks again for user views - much appreciated. Will try and get one via Orange upgrade next week.
  11. Thanks for your opinions - much appreciated. Am tempted I think ..........
  12. Thanks Ken - is the 4" screen a decent improvement over Blade 3.5 ?. The 510 does sound bigger but sounds like real-world Y300 screen size is better.
  13. Thanks for responses - yes concerned over 512 RAM (same as Blade) but am not intensive user so may be OK for me. Very tempted - either this or cheap chinese import with bigger screen.
  14. Thanks hajj - tried my own removing langs, but still got same error on first boot. Yours is fine tho - thanks.

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