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  1. Hi all guys, i've one question about the market installed on our CM Beta2...It's possible to update without problem ? If is possible how can i upgrade this old market app with the newest goole play store app ? Thanks in advance for any suggest...
  2. Hello, I use the CM beta now for over a month and I think the work done by developers has been hard but very positive. Android is fully usable ... Apart from the lack of responsiveness of the touchscreen (which I believe derives precisely from the hardware to Omnia, since even with WM does) the only critical thing, hoping that the developers did not have to hurt, is the fact that GPS is given to the topic solved, or so it seems. The GPS does not work for me and many others. It 'been made clear several times that the problem was based on phone module by default and ok, but then why say that the slow GPS fix first and then faster if it is never the fix. I repeat, is a note and I do not want to annoy anyone, just that if you have not solved a problem that still exists even on the phone using WM, it would be enough only to admit it. That said I am happy and thank you for Android on my omnia. I hope for future improvements if the project is still open.
  3. Hi all, after a few days on CM Beta1, i'm satisfied of the working android installed. One notice i've to report only, the GPS connection for me don't work... I've installed the beta correctly and using the beta phone image the GPS don't work...if i using the original phone image, replaced with the script provided directly in the beta installation package, the GPS don't work too. Only this feature is not working at the moment...I thanks the dev team for everything.
  4. Hi voyteckst, i have read you first post..... BUT I don't understand if in the beta package that i've installed following the step of the readme, contain the JJ1 standard image, and if the JJ1 is standard image that cause a malfunction or slowly GPS signal fix. If i have understand right the .sh file cointened in the package is for come back to the original phone image. I didnt applyed the script couse if the original is JJ1 the GPS problem persist, BUT manteinig the phone image of installation package the GPS don't work too... Sorry, please esplicate me where i'm failing...
  5. Hi all...after one day using my new phone i'm satisfied...all features have a good response. Only one issue i found and is about the usual difficult GPS signal fix. I ask you how many minutes i have to wait for get the signal, because this morning after 7 minutes the fix wasn't taken.... :( The problem with GPS module persist in this Fantastic beta too or if is only my problem ? This is only my little problem and i know that if it is solvable you dev team can help me. Thanks for all at now and in the future.
  6. For me there is a problem with autorotation...I've made the update with the AutoRotation of display disabled, because with the beta 3 autorotation work slowly...Now after the update my sensor for rotation don't work properly and the disply orientation seems to be failed. When i enable the autorotation the display rotate to landscape even the phone is in portrait position...for rotate in portrait the display i have to rotate my phone position of 90° to left, so i've to put the landscape position for my phone. I report this that for me is only knowed bug...but maybe is only for me... Thanks for support...
  7. I all guys...i've to try to install the update released yesterday, but following the instructions, i look that the file of the update ( frb3update.sh, frb3update.tar.gz ) after the start and reboot remain on my storage. So my question is...after the update installation is right that the file remain on my storage...i want to be sure that the autoaupdate work form me... Thanks for all...
  8. Hello everyone, I just installed the beta 3 by following the guide of Gardakkan and modifying some detail that was different for me (like mounting the sdcard for example ...), now I'm really happy with how Android works on my omnia . There is only a question that I want to do and that is if in this beta 3 you come back to using the phone part that was on the old beta 1, because the GPS cant take a signal over as fast as in the beta 2, onestly my phone now cant take GPS signal and i cant use google navigator app, important for me. If something else to make the tricks I would try the GPS happy:) Apart from this problem I think this is better than the beta even. Thanks for the great work, you seem to get to a full version. You are great!
  9. Sorry voyteckst, i dont know that this is correct thread for this answer, but if i have to modify the installer what i've to do ? Which corrections i've to do in which files... My 2 partition now in the internal storage are detected with mmcblk1p1 (FAT 32) and mmcblk1p2 (Ext 4) label, so i cant mount the correct partition for start android. I cant have the possibility to make a different detection from the installer loop. There are some file to modify i think but which ? Thank for all....
  10. i've a problem after partitioning and copy all files in the correct place. Starting the haret from o2beta folder the process stop announcing that is unable to mount the internal flash !!! But the label for this mount is mmcblk0p5 and not my mmcblk1p2 ........ for me my internal storage partition are mmcblk1p1 for my FAT32 partition and mmcblk1p2 for the EXT4 partition that i want to use for install Android system. Is simple, i've doing the same installation for the beta 1 too without problem. if someone can help me i thanks him,,,,,,,
  11. After i've put the mmcblk1p2 in startup file and launch haret, the console is stopped with this 6 lines that i think can help me and us about my problem... ext4-fs (mmcblk1p2): recovry complete ext4-fs (mmcblk1p2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode VFS: mounted root (ext4 filesystem) on device 179:10. freeing init memory: 144k warning: unable to open an initial console. init: /init.rc 280 invalid option 'enabled' After 1-2 min in this state in the screen flow the opration that seems to reporting that the timeout is elapsed... i hope this can be useful...
  12. Hi have just partitioning my storage disk in two partition for the first beta, and for me it works fine. I've resize My Storage Disk used in WinMo with succes from 2gb to 1gb. The remaining free space i've using for my andoroid partition. So i've my storage WinMo partition (1gb) and Android ext4 partition (1gb) in the same disk. Following the readme.txt file of the new beta the partition of the My Storage installation have mmcblk1 name and p1 or p2 or p3 or pxxxx refering to the ext4 partition that the user have created. The WinMO partition of My Storage disk is mmcblk1p1 and i never put in the line of startup this root dev, i know that in this case android never start......i put mmcblk1p2 but nothing.... About this i cant understood where is my error...
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