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  1. I recommend opening a separate thread for Android L ROM development
  2. Yes, but when he included it in the rom we lost the ability to choose the app that works best and we are stuck with this one.
  3. You're not alone with this issue: http://www.modaco.com/topic/368013-devrom-58-cyanogenmod-110-android-444/page-60#entry2220345 Sometimes it helps if I uninstall another app, install the new one, and then reinstall the first Sometimes it works if I clear app cache (settings->storage->press on cached data) But both methods are not reliable and right now I have 6 apps waiting to be updated, I always get "insufficient storage" when I try updating them
  4. Why does the phone say I have insufficient space when I try to install Fleksy keyboard? It's 23 MB and I have 139 MB of free space available.
  5. Bug report: If I set the home screen grid to 5x5 tiles, I can't extend or move widgets to the upper-most row. Only the bottom four rows can be used.
  6. MD5 seems to be MD5 (cm-11-20140710-ZeeLogKANG-blade.zip) = e93e0947cc1695bcb48d7e3e4df338fb
  7. Thanks, will restore 5.5 and try it. Edit: indeed it works this way.
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