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  1. Has anyone installed this yet? Any issues?
  2. darnit

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Complete and utter failure. Can't believe the buying experience was so bad. I had a 16GB Nexus 4 in my basket on numerous occasions Clicking proceed only to be told an error had occurred. Even made it into the google wallet a couple of times, for it to then fail at the last step. Lost count of the number of times my basket got emptied. How can such a large company be so incompetent at producing a stable shopping experience, why let people add the item into the basket if its not even available! Was looking forward to getting one of these, did kind of think that it was going to be a nightmare to get hold of one, would have been nice to be proved wrong, but hey looks like that was expecting too much! Same experience regarding the notification email as everyone else, received my email once all stocks had been sold, not really much of a notification that one is it?
  3. darnit

    Have Google changed mobile phone pricing forever?

    Funny as I am in the exact situation outlined, looking to replace my Blade and I seriously didn't want to spend £400 plus on the current top phones, but then I was struggling to find a good balance between price and performance. Had considered the Chinese import route, but a little worried about support issues. I think the Nexus 4 hits the spot nicely and I am planning on getting the 16gig version as soon as it comes out.
  4. darnit

    So... which Nexus(') are you buying?

    Nexus 4 16GB seems like a no-brainer at the advertised price. My concern is how long are the stocks going to last, can see getting hold of one being the issue.
  5. darnit

    CIDotW - ZTE V970

    How does it compare to the ZTE Grand X, which in your review you felt disappointed with. Does it represent a better buy, and have they addressed any/all of the shortcomings that you found on the Grand X?
  6. darnit

    #askmodaco - The £150 dual SIM Acer Gallant Duo is here

    Is it a worthy upgrade from the orange san fransisco/zte blade? As I am looking for something with a better screen and better/smoother responsiveness as the blade is starting to feel a little slow. Was ideally looking for a dual core but does this have acceptable performance?

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