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  1. To disable the three dot menu just do Settings -> System -> Button heigh and choose Disable
  2. Para 2014 (e seguintes) a todos os resistentes que ficaram por Portugal, o que vos desejo é que paguem menos impostos.

  3. I also have them both, that's why I know they are not both ZTE Blade, but one of them is ZTE Libra. Yes most of the hardware is the same but it's not just the digitizer, but the also the back camera (in the first cooked roms that appeared Libra had issues with the camara not working (this was reported by sapo a5 users) because the kernel was from a ZTE Blade). Ofc that by now, roms have converged to work on them both, because the kernel that is now used is from a leaked kernel for ZTE Libra.
  4. For some reason i get 2 lockscreen clocks, I turn it on it shoes me normal clock, i turn off and turn on again it shoes me a clock with the weathor. I'm also using Lockscreen Policy App. if i don't use it only shows me the plain clock with no weather
  5. I'm optimus and I use TMN Drive, you don't have to be TMN to use TMN Drive, just look it up on the PlayStore. The only time you need data connetion is the first time where the app will download the voices and maps, the rest of the time it's a normal GPS who uses the built-in GPS. From time to time you may need to connect TMN Drive to the Internet for him to update it's map.
  6. Boas entradas para todos! :)

  7. Dude just use TMN Drive it's the latest NDrive with the most recent Portugal map and it's free. It's basicly just a rebrand of Ndrive with a few ads...
  8. Yes, although I still feel it's a bit of a drastic measure, and I feal that the lack of replacement digitizers for such a popular smartphone a bit ridiculous...
  9. Yes I'm shure because when I say broken I leterally mean broken as in it felt over a pointy thing and broken the digitizer lol
  10. Thank you for the reply thats exacly what I was thinking too but it's a very drastic fix since this Libra is also a very popular model the digitizer should also be somewhat avaiable but unfortunally it's not and the repair center has asked me a repair price = new phone and I was like O.o what? Yes kimomini that's exacly what I'm refering to but, that digitizer is nowhere to be found so I understood Ron=) idea, so please if you do know a place where i can get ir please do tell me :P
  11. Unfourtunally my ZTE Libra has broken it's digitizer screen, and I would like to know if anyone knows from where I can order a new one. I can find a lot of replacements for the ZTE Blade but my models is the ZTE Libra, can anyone help me out? Cheers
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