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  1. i couldn't get the button setup to work, however "adb reboot bootloader" does it
  2. anyone else just getting a bootanimation when upgrading from 8/feb build? formatted system, cache, dalvik.... hmm, i assume its corrupted my sd-ext partition as i can't even install 8/feb or restore from a nandroid without a bootloop. ah managed to get it to boot now after a factory reset, format of sd-ext and very long first boot.
  3. google play was slow (almost useless) in 4.3 too. pretty much all the problems in this rom were, i think either the blade has met its limit or google severely fscked android after 4.2
  4. linux doesn't need drivers. oddly enough my partitions show up if i run "fdisk -l" as root on them, seems to make them appear in the file manager then, but my user doesn't have permissions to view sd-ext, so i think i need to tweak udev.
  5. i couldn't get usb mass storage to work in 4.3 either, the pc (linux) sees it as a cd, i got it working once with some udev changes, but its iffy. adb works ok.
  6. google+ hasn't worked for a while - there's some library that doesn't support armv6, something to do with camera integration i guess. basically no google+ for us bladers, you'll have to use a browser.
  7. snapit's touch (actually all links appear broken): http://www.modaco.com/topic/356674-recoverygen123-and-idea-blade-fully-working-cwm-6011-touch-stable-6015-testing-1710/ konstat's non-touch but newer with sideload: http://www.modaco.com/topic/359832-devrom247-cyanogenmod-101-android-422/page-21#entry2075296
  8. actually this rom seems to have awful battery life - as in about 1% per minute, even tried a new battery. i've got to give it some more time though. i've found that there's a setting to *actually* turn wifi off when your phone is asleep rather than just *saying* wifi is turned off via the icon, that's helping a bit but mobile standby is killing me, the same as 4.3, data is off so i'm going to try 2g only mode. i used to get a week or more from standby but i think that was cm9 (and not airplane mode which is pretty useless as you can't receive calls.) edit: actually only used 6% overnight, so the wifi off during standby setting and 2g only mode did the trick. as for the time taken to turn on when you have a call - it was like that in 4.3, a good 2secs or so.
  9. well done, seems a lot better than 4.3 which was a pile of poo imho. this is as good as the 4.2 rom. sd-ext also helps a lot. not to nit-pick but the device still shows up as cm10.2-blade in adb, oh and screen-off animation doesn't work (fade or crt). don't think battery quotes in airplane mode are very helpful lol
  10. yup i heard something like that too - they're making google+ into so many things (photo editor etc.) that its gone native at least in part. i don't really miss it, google+ is a barren wasteland anyway.
  11. glad its not just me, i didn't mess with the build as i have a 186mb /system. oh also maps display is all wobbly kind of like szpilasty above
  12. yup solved it now thanks. i've got to say 4.3 is the most flaky android i've ever used. google+ won't even start, everything seems really slow too. time i got a nexus5, although i'd prefer a smaller phone. p.s. i don't mean anything against konstat's work, i think its 4.3 itself not the blade port.
  13. anyone know how to fix this RPC:S-3 problem, i can't download anything from play.
  14. anyone finding they can't install gapps even with a 185mb /system using the latest build? no error or anything, they're just not installed when i reboot from recovery. tried with the previous build too. edit: ignore, fecking tpt helper didn't work, still got 160mb
  15. thanks, i might have a go, been months since i even looked at android hacking. and yes, storage space is getting fecking tight on the blade.
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