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  1. think there should be a iq/idiot test before your allowed to post a message/reply...
  2. haxxbaxx

    White Nexus 4 confirmed - CPW group exclusive?

    seems expensive to me for what you get
  3. haxxbaxx

    Acer Iconia A110 now £149.99 after cashback at eBuyer

    whats the support for this device like? and specs to nexu
  4. little pepper? how come your not trying to get a m1 ?
  5. straight over my head this code aurora stuff ;[
  6. you planing using it as your main phone?
  7. from the company u bought from?
  8. haxxbaxx

    We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Im Andy, came to this forum for the legendary zte blade and now use it for the g300. I love a freebie and am always on the hunt for deals (hence my phone choices), my biggest bargain was a laptop from a dell missprice for £350 instead of £900. I enjoy all things tech based and enjoy graphic design on photoshop. Most memorable drive? Probably when I first went from a little old nissan micra which I had been using for 5years as my first car to a ford focus sport. All I can say is WOW, the change was unbelievable going from a 1litre to 2., like comparing a old nokia with space impact to a SIII. I drove all the way down to Brighton to meet my girlfriends grandparents for first time which took around 6hours which was the first time i've ever travelled more than 40mins away relying on google maps. I inevitably somehow got lost and had google screaming at me, somehow I managed to find my way back with a 2hour detour which was very picturesque....
  9. hecatae just buys every phone?
  10. there seems to be a mi plus or s version which is like the normal mi-one but overclocked, the meizu phones also look good
  11. how u find them? id buy if they reliable, know anyone whos got one from there? any websites i can read more about the community aswell?
  12. haxxbaxx

    CIDotW - ZTE V970

    all these phones look great however without some sort of support they pritty rubbish for the average user
  13. haxxbaxx

    Jiayu G2 Review

    where from?
  14. haxxbaxx

    Pimp my Rom

    probably cos most roms have 90% of the stuff alrdy in them
  15. haxxbaxx

    Pimp my Rom

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1908269 is the proper thread aswell
  16. haxxbaxx

    Pimp my Rom

    just a big load of scripts, you gotta use buttons though i cant get the touchscreen to work for it
  17. haxxbaxx

    Jiayu G2 Review

    recommend any good chinnese ones that have active cm etc was looking at the xioami one by miui
  18. given up, all the crap on it gets in the way
  19. if this had cm theme engine it would be the best ever
  20. haxxbaxx

    Jiayu G2 Review

    would love one of these but would like some good custom roms like miui, paranoid cm etc, is there any development going on?

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