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  1. Hi Same here: got 642d896b718ed7b30b4dafaffbe7a7dd twice (DLed through DownThemAll) Where's the truth..? :D
  2. Hi, I may have post this thread in the wrong place: http://android.modaco.com/content/other/33...lendar-syncing/ so i kind of repost it here with the link. Any moderator will be thanked if the post is moved here and this one deleted. About my issue, i'm really out of ideas, so any one would be appreciated. Thx in advance
  3. Hello As said, in "accounts and sync", i don't have a contacts and calendar. I've tried replacing ContactsProvider.apk, CalendarProvider.apk and AccountsAndSyncSettings.apk from a 2.2 rom but with no success... In DevTools compared to a phone wich has cal and contacts I've noticed a difference, in sync tester i don't have: in adapters' list... if anyone has a clue, feel free to share... thx in advance EDIT: additional infos about the device i got me this one on ta0ba0, it's M802 (seems to be an apad without any writings in the back), i've been advised by Lin Xin to buy from them. Exactly the same as here: The cheapest Cortex-A8 tablet, less than $106 USD | M.I.C Digi (but was about 120$, 100's $ device were uncertains to my opinion). Hardware informations: - Webcam/camera - 1 speaker - 2 screws - Nothing written in the back Software informations:
  4. Hi again i converted the .png to .bmp with PS the image is flashed in the zip but corrupted...are there particular settings: format (windows, OS/2), depth (16,24,32 bytes)...? Guess i'm dumb today..i took the .img renamed it and rolled like a charm..thanks
  5. Hi Restarted with your archive, replaced bootanimation.zip with the one with Mario and Frankish's splash right-clicked on the 1rst thread and saved as "splash.bmp" Zipped the whole thing in archive.zip on a mac, flashed from CWM, during installing: assert failed: write_raw_image("/tmp/splash.bmp", "splash") E:Error in /sdcard/archive.zip (Status 7) though boot animation get flashed..thanks! i'll an other one to see if it's the img. Mushroom_lord>bmp is mispelled in mbp here and thanks for the tidy it's clearer.
  6. Was wrong, few minutes later, i got a reboot...no Oc but underclock with CPU governor..may it be the reason..?
  7. Hi, Just for the feedback because i didn't get any reboots: - Cache and dalvik cache wiped - n36 flashed over RC4 - SmartAss CPU governor 320/600 - Played few minutes AB - Used GMaps with wifi and GPS, and turned them off I don't have 3G, may it be the origin of the bug..?
  8. Hi, Tried with Frankish's splash img, but with CWM swapping files need to modify script as in wbaw's script it is "assert(package_extract_file("splash.bmp", "/tmp/splash.bmp")," and Frankish's is a .img...? Renaming to .bmp isn't working..i try modifying the script ? What about the binary do i need to re-create it from txt file..? EDIT: modified script, didn't work, 2 options: i'm dumb or i can't read...time to make a pause i guess Thx
  9. :D http://tinyurl.com/3uvk3cv 1st result seems good, but i don't know if it's "official"
  10. Thanks! I've noticed that links act weird, i was refering to posts 718 (p36) and 724 (p37)
  11. It's true it is working, but i guess you'd like to change levels, see posts #718 and #724 for good advices
  12. :D Didn't meant to make people jealous..sorry! To be true, i'm kind off missing weather variations (cloudy, rainy..) monotony is so boring..! I'll enjoy Ireland i guess!
  13. Hi, Thanks for sharing your settings, that helped me to fix mine, i'll refine because in south of France sun is kind of very often present and nasty (on direct sun i get 2,6^6)! Have you only tick "Use personnal values" in "light levels" ? Or also "Filter light sensor" or/and "Authorize lightness decrease" ? Translations are homemade, lazy to swith locale.... If there is litterature (threads, wiki,..) about this, feel free to redirect me to it.. Thanks in advance
  14. Couldn't agree more, first as a noob i thought "wow, wonderful to be able to build custom rom that easily..." and now that i'm still a noob and read and experiment few things thanks to the wide community i understood a drag'n'drop makes the same... i take advantage that devs of the CM7 are posting here to thank them for the very good work they're making.
  15. Hi, Just a quick feedback about RC4.. Since flash of CM7 n21: - No battery stats wipe - Only cache and dalvik cache wipes before each flash (about 8/10 until RC4) - Autostarts used, especially Maps was disabled since n21 (important as it seems this app drains battery) - Ondemand CPU Governor 'til n28 smartass after - Had 1 or 2 freezes Well, for the exact same daily use with RC4 autonomy has doubled: Before, i would never expect to last that long...i rarely saw more than 12/15h on this screen. So maybe maps has something to see with battery draining but RC4 brought major improvements in battery use...! i hope they'll keep this sobriety in next releases. Autonomy is one thing, but everything else (wifi,gps,BT,..) is just working perfectly 'til now..we'll see after longer use CM7 RC4 just rocks the house! Keep going, Google's Android staff should be jealous of your expertise! ps: what is tdud_blade_full-33.zip..? A new nightly..? ok i've seen but is it working or is it a full joke...?
  16. Wipe at least cache and dalvik cache before flash, that's what i do but you won't be able to complain 'til full wipe :D see rule #1..
  17. x2 thanks for the feedbacks + 1 for Rottman who anticipated this, posts ago..! :D
  18. Hi Dunno, if others have this too but since the new wifi driver connection is unstable: disconnect, doesn't find or reconnect to my home network..worked better on n28, i'll wait 'til next nightly if they roll back to previous one while improving the new one
  19. Majority of users like it, it's free and for the record ZTE proposes only 2.1 rom so please see the entire scene... in addition why posting twice..? We're not dumb, are you trying to convince yourself..? Nevertheless flb is a damn good rom i know by answering i gave you attention you don't deserve but i'm so tired of people that are only able to complain, whatever the domain, sometimes i have to spite it out.. typing on the blade with CM7 (BOOYAH!) Farewell
  20. Hi, My bad for the accelerometer, it's ok on n32. Thanks for on/off animation, i wouldn't have made the link with spare parts I'm ok with wifi not turning off on sleep, my previous androphone (HTC Tatto) worked the same and i'm used and prefered to turn off wifi, in fact i don't get the use of keeping it on 24/24h...btw it allowed me to download n32 directly with the phone yesterday while screen off.. My problem is that while wifi is on, i can't call through 2/3G: it proposes only SIP calls (embed client or CSipSimple), i wish i could choose the medium even throught 2 steps: -SIP >embed SIP >CSipSimple -2/3G Thanks in advance for any feedbacks ps: n32 is really good, first wasn't at ease with previous nightlies as a daily rom but now it's more than ok
  21. Hi, Not the same behaviour for me: connection stays active, have you some other app managing wifi..? I've few issues that seem to be common full wipe or not (i only did caches' wipe): - Accelerometer reacts randomly - Videorecorder gives few FCs - CPU's governor (smartass or ondemand) gives frequencies jump that make the phone laggy at some moments - Animation when pushing pwr button isn't working anymore (top major priority, i know...) - Only SIP outgoing calls are possible when wifi is active (this one is really annoying, but i can't find out if it's a 2.3 or CM setting...?)
  22. Server will need the same as here after overload has passed..! I think i'll be reasonable and i'll wait the usual nXX+1 few hours later before flashing
  23. It's messy because not a single one person has the same configuration, in addition it's rom dependant, sometimes it is managed with an app, sometimes people have resized their phone's partitions, used a different recovery,... i guess each one should improvise based on usual steps extended with their configuration's specificities... For example, for reasons that still stay unknown my CWM made ext2 partition i had to convert to ext3 to get it working for s2ext on CM7...so as you i wouldn't want to explain how i did it as it was SOooo messy...!
  24. I got the adqc27 screen protection: http://www.protectionfilms24.com/article/v...0049ad90086745f for 3 months now, a bit expensive but fits perfectly and since then i haven't a single scratch on it (i have the phone in my pocket, sometimes with keys); applying it was very easy (not one bubble or dust under it).
  25. Honeybread theme for CM7, Fancy Widget (Comic Weather and Oscilloscope skins), Zeam Launcher and Pure Calendar Widget with Transparent skin Nice & clean..!

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