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  1. Installed a different firmware through FTM mode after reflashing stock recovery, and now TPT works like a charm. Thanks a lot for your help...wait, there wasn't any.
  2. Hey, I am trying to flash CyanogenMod 9 - KonstaKANG, but my partition size is only 128 MB, seems to be few Megs short. After flashing the ROM and gapps I am having issues with certain apps like Endomondo (google play claims it's not compatible with my device). The obvious thing to do would be to run a TPT with bigger system partition, but it doesn't seem to work for me, everytime I try to enter TPT mode it just gets stuck on the green droid (tried both GEN1-to-GEN2, and GEN2 TPTs). According to Mr Pigfish my phone is GEN2. I bought it as a GEN1 device, then TPTed into GEN2, then downgraded to GEN1 and used an official upgrader to 2.2 froyo (I did that because I was getting a warranty repair and didn't want them to find I was messing with the phone). Then I got it back, somehow installed the Swedishsnow RLS7 (I don't even remember how) and was a happy user for while... Recently I find it really sluggish so I'd like to try something new. Is there a way to change partition size without the TPT function? OR Is there a way to get the TPT function back? Or am I using wrong TPT? Or perhaps am I doing it wrong?:D I did try to search for the answer myself, but I got lost in thousands of threads, keywords I was using didn't seem to lead me to a solution, so sorry in advance.
  3. Running both TPT packs (GEN1-GEN2, GEN2) just stucks my phone on green guy, nothing happens. I have a GEN2 phone according to Mr Pigfish. What could I be doing wrong?
  4. Does Endomondo works for anyone on this rom? I am getting the "Incompatible with your device" message with few apps including Endo. Solutions?
  5. I couldn't find a solution to this so I sent it to a warranty repair again... and what's funny it came with a note saying the proximity is working fine... and it was working fine indeed. No idea how it got fixed without anyone fixing it, but fine by me :>
  6. Will installing new firmware as explained in this guide give me the TPT option back?
  7. It's probably the fancy widget as I recall same issue while using it. Btw. I just had my phone back from a almost 3 months fixin' and I am not up to date with the recent changes to CM7. Which nighly or KANG would you recommend for a daily, stable use? Are there any major issues I should be aware of?
  8. Hey fellow bladers, yesterday I got my phone back from a warranty repair ( the screen ceased to function so I got it replaced), immediately TPTed to GEN2 and installed CM7 N208, after few hours of use, restocking apps and stuff I realized that the autobrigtness and proximity during calls dont work; I assumed its because of the ROM and installed GSF B27 with ZTE emode helper to perhaps recalibrate the sensors. Emode displayed that both sensor fail and trying to recalibrate them caused forced closes or a blackscreen crash; then I TPTed back to stock partition/boot and ziped the stock operators rom to notice that both sensors fail in it too, zte emode helper that's a part of that rom says that light and promixity sensor fail, when I click to recalibrate them it says "recalibration ok" but nothing really happens, both sensor dont work and emode still claim they fail... Did anyone else faced a problem like mine? Seems to me that it's a hardware issue and I should get it fixed again, but wanted to ask first in case im doing something wrong. Thoughts?
  9. Can you guys direct me to gapps package? It's been some time since I was messing with my rom. EDIT Nvm got it
  10. Letoo

    gen1 vs gen2

    Aren't there enough threads about this particular thing?:|
  11. Thanks a lot kallt, your hard work is hella appreciated!
  12. lol why is the second picture with wifi on, not the hsdpa?
  13. Pretty much none, except that thing I mentioned in the post above and the fact that rds radio app needs to be killed after using or it will prevent the phone from going to sleep hence cause a massive idle battery drainage. After using the rom for few weeks noticed nothing more.

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