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  1. Yes, I would def wipe and that includes the davlik cach as I have done this and since moving from CM7, I havent had any GPS issues. as a matter of fact, it picks up my location quite a bit faster than CM7.
  2. Look in the Market and search "Ask Mr Pigfish" its an application that will tell you what Gen your using.
  3. What are the extra settings your wanting? to be honest, I wouldnt look a gift horse in the mouth. as you can find all the extras in the market if you search hard enough. If your setting up hotmail, there are issues getting it set up, but this isnt a SS issue. Best thing to do it link them to you gmail account an use that.
  4. Its miles better, Ive just reverted to SS from CM7 this weekend. CM7 is def not stable and with the move to GEN 2 and no stable CM7 on GEN 1 Ive given up. I have had no issues with SS, battery life is excellent after calibration too.. Installed launcher pro and its smooth. I use Iheartradio and for some reason it only worked on CM7 and thought it was only for 2.3 but it does work on 2.2 with SS. Another issue I had with CM7 is the BT didnt work correctly in my car, now with SS it connects everytime. When I played Angry Birds, I only had a VERY minor lag.
  5. Any chance your using your cars stock BT like Blue & Me? as Im facing the same problem.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has had the charge/shutdown issue with N39?
  7. My phone tends to turn off when Im at work and when I charge it via usb to the computer. Without fail, its turns itself off everytime.
  8. After you charge your phone, try a reboot and see if this clears up your shutdown issues.
  9. Okay, I think my wife has figured the shutdown issue :D If charging phone when its still awake...turn the phone off when charge is complete. Otherwise if you dont, the phone shuts down shortly after. Once she has figured this out, she has had NO shutdowns.
  10. Could not have said it better! As far as N32, this is definitely the best nightly so far, Ive had no reboots, WIFI seems to be okay and battery life is really decent. Good job and thanks to the Devs, their hard work has come quite a long way.
  11. Not had as many as that..only had one, and ironically it was when I was at the apple store telling the guy how much better Android was..pulled out my phone and it was shutdown and couldnt power it back up... :D
  12. I had quite a few problems with smartass, my phone would go to sleep too and the lights would stay on. The only thing I could do to revive mine was to remove the battery. But since moving to ondemand, I havent had any major problems except the ocassional lag (which I can live with)
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