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  1. Thanks man you are the best ... I will now definitely change my blade lll pro. For zte blade lll. .. thanks again and don't forget you are ower God....
  2. Konsta can you tell us what next ..
  3. хахах See this :) nice Compare Blade 3 Pro VS ZTE BLADE V http://www.gsmarena....5&idPhone2=5682
  4. Andrej you can open new theme in zte forum just. For Zte Blade 3 PRO. Thanks again man..
  5. No. Somehow somewhere somebody will find a solution .....
  6. Some one find a solution ? For root
  7. English pls ... for all of up conversions .... i have tray all no root ... nothing help of those scripts ... i will tray in one mobile service (mobile shop ) this days i will thell ... and on modaco english ... on gsm-macedonia. -forum (macedonian) thanks ... and if some one have root thell hire ... thanks again
  8. Mmm i want miui for zte blade 3 pro
  9. For me is the same ... like andrejs ...
  10. perfect :) Thanks For the help I will Be the Main Tester :) Thanks ... Sorces are on the web Zte -> http://www.ztedevices.com/support/smart_phone/68b8d904-eda1-48a6-aeea-0548067f5eda.html?type=software Thanks Again Need the root .. and mayby some Day a rom miui ( my most Favorite one ) Thanks Again
  11. Can Some One To root ZTE Blade 3 Pro , Hire are the links of the last update From ZTE Thanks I have traid z4root .. Not Working .... http://www.ztedevice...l?type=software Thanks For the help
  12. For The Ram Manager Tray This Yuwe Ram Manager is The best for me :)
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