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    Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    My N7 seems to be suffering from 'Erratic auto brightness' issue, but everything else is fine with the 4.2.
  2. devjin

    Orange San Diego Review

    Quick question - Is OSD locked to Orange? If yes, how do I unlock it?
  3. It has already been uploaded there. Just few pages back. Also ADW is quite slow for me, so I removed it and use Go Launcher, but Launcher Pro is seem to be the fastest.
  4. Yes I have , I have waited so long that the phone actually went to standby mode while at the CM7 load screen, lol. Quite frustrating to be honest, but thanks for your help!
  5. Well, I downloaded the theme from the market, installed and then chose the theme through Theme Chooser. And then i restarted the phone (as instructed by the theme creator) and then got stuck in the CM7 loading screen.
  6. Thanks! Very nice list. But now my phone is stuck in the CM7 loading screen loop after i installed a theme and restarted my phone. Sigh, happens everytime i try to use CM7 rom.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find more themes for CyanogenMod?
  8. Here it is http://www.multiupload.com/SPQFN5XZJ0
  9. Doesn't seem to work with vista64 =/
  10. Thanks beggin, your tutorial worked well with mine :huh:
  11. Ordered from Sohogopher last monday, still waiting for the delivery :huh: Was dispatched on tuesday though.
  12. I am planning to install custom rom in mine, following your guide, but before I do that, I want to back up orange's stock rom (in case I need to send it back to orange under warranty). So how do I back up the stock rom? using clockwork? thanks!
  13. It is that simple! I just had to try 3 times to get the discount :D Lots of people at HUKD are doing it too.
  14. You can get one from Orange by phone for 80£(10£ top up included) if you quote them an orange PAYG number, doesn't matter if the orange number belongs to you or friend or family.
  15. I just ordered mine for 20£ (sold my old n95 for 60£ and ordered SF from orange for 80£) Can't wait! Buy of the year for me :D

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