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  1. My Transformer Prime (running the stock-based Virtuous ROM) has never hung (which was a worry) With my Optimus 2X (running the Nova HD ROM based upon CM9) the power and volume-up combo has always worked.
  2. Superb work, Paul! As you say though, the S III is the elephant (not) in the room.
  3. Worked for me with a OSF2 - many thanks! I can no longer go into debugging mode though - anyone else? I had the same problem with this metho-> http://ztecrescent.blogspot.com/2011/12/osf-ii-unlocking.html
  4. Does the Gingerbread baseband 622 require the same RIL as the standard 622 baseband? EDIT: sorry, I've seen your earlier comment, I understand the RIL is already baked into the recent alpha and not available separately / suitable for anything else?
  5. I was torn between waiting for the GS2 or getting the O2X (the Atrix being too locked down) - patience may be a virtue, but... ;)
  6. That is an amazing offer! Maybe I should buy a spare :unsure:
  7. Ditto, 2000 in Quadrant as opposed to 3000 previously but excellent battery life! Current bugs (Nightly 5): USB connection, browser sometimes hangs, vidcam locks phone, random locking up etc - nothing you wouldn't expect from an early experimental build!
  8. I have to hold the power button down on mine for a few seconds, the Nexus One came on instantly, I prefer the slight delay although it took a little getting used to.
  9. I'll ask the obvious - you don't have it set to auto do you?
  10. Stefing


    Thanks, that's been puzzling me too! I'm with Virgin Mobile UK who are a virtual reseller for T-Mobile - I wonder if that has something to do with it but I suspect it's related to call waiting as that also appears on that menu.
  11. CM7 "stable" - I doubt it's very usable! http://cm-nightlies.appspot.com/?device=blade
  12. http://www.reghardware.com/2011/04/13/revi...oid_smartphone/ "It’s at most only a little quicker than, say, the HTC Desire S or the Samsung Galaxy S" - you might want to add a comment putting them straight :)
  13. Fr11 - I get 392a7b91eb4cc9629b3fc515f6fc35a5 as the MD5 The zip file I downloaded reported as bad by Recovery - trying again... Downloaded another file, a different file size and another mismatching MD5 ;p Got a good file at the third attempt (that could well be due to crappy network where I am!)
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