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  1. My Transformer Prime (running the stock-based Virtuous ROM) has never hung (which was a worry) With my Optimus 2X (running the Nova HD ROM based upon CM9) the power and volume-up combo has always worked.
  2. Superb work, Paul! As you say though, the S III is the elephant (not) in the room.
  3. Worked for me with a OSF2 - many thanks! I can no longer go into debugging mode though - anyone else? I had the same problem with this metho-> http://ztecrescent.blogspot.com/2011/12/osf-ii-unlocking.html
  4. Does the Gingerbread baseband 622 require the same RIL as the standard 622 baseband? EDIT: sorry, I've seen your earlier comment, I understand the RIL is already baked into the recent alpha and not available separately / suitable for anything else?
  5. I was torn between waiting for the GS2 or getting the O2X (the Atrix being too locked down) - patience may be a virtue, but... ;)
  6. That is an amazing offer! Maybe I should buy a spare :unsure:
  7. Ditto, 2000 in Quadrant as opposed to 3000 previously but excellent battery life! Current bugs (Nightly 5): USB connection, browser sometimes hangs, vidcam locks phone, random locking up etc - nothing you wouldn't expect from an early experimental build!
  8. I have to hold the power button down on mine for a few seconds, the Nexus One came on instantly, I prefer the slight delay although it took a little getting used to.
  9. I'll ask the obvious - you don't have it set to auto do you?
  10. Stefing


    Thanks, that's been puzzling me too! I'm with Virgin Mobile UK who are a virtual reseller for T-Mobile - I wonder if that has something to do with it but I suspect it's related to call waiting as that also appears on that menu.
  11. CM7 "stable" - I doubt it's very usable! http://cm-nightlies.appspot.com/?device=blade
  12. http://www.reghardware.com/2011/04/13/revi...oid_smartphone/ "It’s at most only a little quicker than, say, the HTC Desire S or the Samsung Galaxy S" - you might want to add a comment putting them straight :)
  13. Fr11 - I get 392a7b91eb4cc9629b3fc515f6fc35a5 as the MD5 The zip file I downloaded reported as bad by Recovery - trying again... Downloaded another file, a different file size and another mismatching MD5 ;p Got a good file at the third attempt (that could well be due to crappy network where I am!)
  14. When I had the same issue (with a different ROM) I transferred another, earlier, ROM file to my SD card by sticking it in my PC and then flashed it from recovery.
  15. When mine was a real mess I used Paragon Partition Manager on my PC (SD card in adapter in USB hub) to sort it out. It will preserve the data but it's always best to back it up on your PC first anyway.
  16. If I shield my phone or place it somewhere really dark then I can see it's slightly lighter in the corners, especially at the top, than elsewhere. It's not enough to cause me serious concern though. Thanks for the tip about the Screen Test app.
  17. No significant battery drain noticed but I did get 3 calls dropped in a row.
  18. Mine looks to be very good too - tested using the GPS status app.
  19. My best Quadrant benchmark score yet - thank you. (And screen capture is working again for me!)
  20. I did not know that - I wonder how many other key combos there are / can be?! Although the ear-splitting volume after a reboot is somewhat annoying :D
  21. I spotted this over at XDA and it works great with my Optimus 2X so I'd thought I'd share... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1014116
  22. Love it! Screen capture no longer seems to work though.
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