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  1. I can't actvate yonn lock screen in SPB Droid ROM 1 DEC 2010, When i hold down the cornet the lock is, ma non the lock screen Oh sorry for my bad bad english
  2. HI Yonn, I'can't install lock screen. how to do?

  3. ok! thanks! so I have to leave csc field empty?
  4. Hi to everyone, I'm trying to install this beautiful rom, ma I' ve a problem. When i try to disassamble the files by i900Executor I have: file eboot.nbo file pda.bin file report.txt file UnknownLoader.exe where's the csc file? I've Windows 7
  5. I've tryed, but nothing changed and when I hold down the button handset nothing happened :huh:
  6. Maybe you mean "REplace WM6.5 system manual lock" in "ADVANCED"?
  7. I disabled S2U2 and installed the cab, but it doesn't work. What's the problem?
  8. I'm not be able to disinstall S2U2 lock...How to install Androidlike lockscreen?
  9. I've just installed Eclipse rom. How to install ock Eclipse "expansion pack" ?
  10. HI, really amazing roms! Can you tell me if Italian language t9 is installed?
  11. 1. Please do Hardreset after Flashing Process is Done (Go to Settings>System>Hardreset>clear Memory>type 1234 /Do not forget to backup your files in My Storage) I can't understand this step. Why I have to do hard reset afetr flashing? I usualy do that before flashing.
  12. Hi, I'm in search of a good rom where italian t9 is installed. Can you help me? thanks
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