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  1. ya i see this becausse with new leaked firmware cache partition has gone from 57- to 59 mb and we have about 2 mb free for download small app :D
  2. deepfabry


    don't worry i solved :D flashing a lancher file thanks
  3. deepfabry


    i saw but i have not found gscript or android ui script, where is it located?
  4. deepfabry


    hi davide could you post android ui.sh? i lost this file :(
  5. do you know if temporenally is there a way to download apps from market?
  6. deepfabry

    [ROM] Ginger_dmd_3.021.01

    davide i've flashed this rom , the graphic is beautiful :blink: maybe fantastic with same color of lg dual menu :huh:
  7. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    I see Acer is the only way then :blink:
  8. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    vache with the gingerbread final relase doing flash do you think can automatically solve the cache issue? maybe is a colossal bug of 2.3.4 leak....
  9. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    is there a way to trasform a nandroid backup folder to file.bin and flash it via Acer download tool? i ask this for assitance i have a brand vodafone and can't install recovery o froyo
  10. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    i've tried but damned cache always full :)
  11. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    vache can be some risk with this force wipe operation?
  12. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    would be curious to see what we have done in common with the phone in the past also version of flash, recovery ADT used ecc
  13. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    ya but problem is now i send phone to assistance but i want to know , why my phone cache was corrupted why? i would not have same problem another time and and it is right to avoid certain operations if they re implicated
  14. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    i have seen on xda there were many people with cache problem and other issues on nexus s they all solved with some updates version of clockword recovery what include particular wipe if we are lucky maybe could adapt these recovery :)
  15. deepfabry

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    i'm considering to send the phone to acer assistance after the summer I am not in a hurry at the moment :) @ VACHE is there a way to restore the market? i tried different roms but always i can t download from it

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