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  1. ya i see this becausse with new leaked firmware cache partition has gone from 57- to 59 mb and we have about 2 mb free for download small app :D
  2. don't worry i solved :D flashing a lancher file thanks
  3. i saw but i have not found gscript or android ui script, where is it located?
  4. hi davide could you post android ui.sh? i lost this file :(
  5. do you know if temporenally is there a way to download apps from market?
  6. davide i've flashed this rom , the graphic is beautiful :blink: maybe fantastic with same color of lg dual menu :huh:
  7. I see Acer is the only way then :blink:
  8. vache with the gingerbread final relase doing flash do you think can automatically solve the cache issue? maybe is a colossal bug of 2.3.4 leak....
  9. is there a way to trasform a nandroid backup folder to file.bin and flash it via Acer download tool? i ask this for assitance i have a brand vodafone and can't install recovery o froyo
  10. i've tried but damned cache always full :)
  11. vache can be some risk with this force wipe operation?
  12. would be curious to see what we have done in common with the phone in the past also version of flash, recovery ADT used ecc
  13. ya but problem is now i send phone to assistance but i want to know , why my phone cache was corrupted why? i would not have same problem another time and and it is right to avoid certain operations if they re implicated
  14. i have seen on xda there were many people with cache problem and other issues on nexus s they all solved with some updates version of clockword recovery what include particular wipe if we are lucky maybe could adapt these recovery :)
  15. i'm considering to send the phone to acer assistance after the summer I am not in a hurry at the moment :) @ VACHE is there a way to restore the market? i tried different roms but always i can t download from it
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