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  1. barnston

    My Vega is Reborn - Well Almost!

    Funnily enough it has fixed itself. After downloading Apps via website, it decided that an update to Play was due and Vega downloaded it automatically. Been fine since via Playstore.
  2. barnston

    My Vega is Reborn - Well Almost!

    Well thanks to the guidance on here I managed to reflash but still have same problem with Market crashing as soon as it updates to Play Store. Found work around by uninstalling all updates to Play App and leaving Market as it was originally. All Apps accessed via Play webpage download and install fine.
  3. barnston

    My Vega is Reborn - Well Almost!

    Oh well, tried fiddling with it last night and in middle of playing with market settings it did a reboot and then now stuck in constant reboot! Can get to unlock screen and slide to open, 3-4 seconds later it reboots itself. Guess I'm looking at reflashing unless anyone has got any suggestions? Last time I flashed it with Vegacomb I managed it by luck more than judgement. Is there a definitive Idiots Guide to the best current ROM and how to do it? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys Not been around for a while as my Vega (running Vegacomb 3.2) has been in cupboard for a while since I picked up another tablet (an AC1s Fusion Extra). At the weekend I re-set up my Vega, permanently docked in kitchen and connected to small amp to act as a mini tv (via Freeview App, Iplayer and Sling Player), Recipe Finder, Weather forecaster and music streamer (either via NAS or onboard content). I deleted a good deal of Apps I would no longer need but then ran in to problem with Google Play. When I tried to update apps via Play I got a permanent error message and a force close window. Went in to Play App and cleared data and cache but no luck. Cleared the installed updates to Play and got back to old market app. Opened that and then accepted T&C's to Google Play and can download one App at a time but then get the permanent error/force close if I try and download a 2nd App. I tried a factory resest and checked date and time correct but still no luck. I can go through the process of uninstalling Play updates and getting one App via opening Market and upgrading to Play each time, but it really is annoying. Anyone got any ideas of anything else to try? Thanks
  5. barnston

    Silicone/Rubber Sleeve for Vega

    Having trawled through the threads on here I'm suspecting the answer is a no, but I'll ask anyway! Has anyone found a silicone/rubber sleeve that fits the Vega snugly yet allows you to still use screen. I've got the official case with the fold over lid but I'd really like to have a sleeve similar to those on our phone/ itouch. Can't seem to find anyone having successfully found one that fits? Thanks
  6. barnston

    Market plays up

    Well after a couple of days trawling the net and trying every suggested fix, I still can't get market to find my vega. There seem to be a huge number of people who have this problem which has been developing for months. Amazing that Google have not resolved as it is stopping me being able to access some apps from market that I would happily pay for!
  7. barnston

    Market plays up

    I'm having grief with this as basically the market only recognises my HTC Desire and won't let me download any tablet apps to my vega as they are not compatible with my phone. I've tried most of the methods listed in in the google forum with existing and setting up new accounts. Wondering whether to do a factory reset in settings (running Vegacomb 3.2 9n) and see if setting up new account will bring any joy. Presume a factory reset will delete any downloaded apps that aren't on SD card ? Is there anything else about a factory reset I should worry about ? Cheers!
  8. A huge thank you for the development work and advice on this forum. I've been running a modded vega since I bought it on ebay a year ago. Not really sure what the set up was but it had access to Market and thought it was a Harmony device. Finally worked up the courage to install the modstock firmware, Vegacomb and Vegacomb update at the weekend and can't believe how this device has come to life. Thanks guys!
  9. barnston

    Scanning barcodes with the Vega possible?

    I managed to get Barcode Scanner App on mine to work, but only when barcode is next to very bright light source and even then it takes a couple of goes!
  10. barnston

    Sling Box / Sling Player Mobile

    Doh! Long press on back button brings up settings. Full screen @ last!
  11. barnston

    Sling Box / Sling Player Mobile

    Just installed app on my Vega and HTC Desire and both work first time thankfully! Need a little help with Vega though. On HTC I have a "settings" button off screen which allows me to change aspect ratio/quality of stream etc. However as Vega has no such off screen button I'm stuck watching in 4:3 rather than 16:9. Screen presses on both devices just bring up settings for controlling skybox. Hoping there is a simple answer that shows up how clueless I am !
  12. barnston

    BBC news website crashing browser

    Funny I thought this was just mine that did this on BBC news page as I hadn't seen any other postings on this. Mine works fine sometimes and then others it will just force close the browser in the middle of reading a page. As it is the only gripe I have got I am not that bothered and in fact reopening the page generally seems to work fine. Never does this on any other website. I haven't modded any firmware (though mine was sold as P10anO model and came with market and flash preinstalled with software version 1.06 ?)
  13. barnston

    Home networking, video over network

    I'm now using vega with twonky app to beam music to our sony media player from wd my book world (twonky installed) nas. Can also beam music, vid & photos to win vista and 7 pc/ laptops on the network. All music/photos/vid streams flawlessly to stock player on vega (not that i really understand the all the format business but i think our films are ripped as mpeg2 avi)
  14. barnston

    will vega fit in dock while in case?

    Thanks, you've saved me £30 & 30 mile round trip to pcworld!
  15. As most our floors are tiled or wooden i'm paranoid about vega falling on floor so it never leaves the pc world case i bought (the case has a hole for the dock). Before i buy a dock can any owners answer the question? Cheers!

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