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  1. you can try that >new adreno drivers for android 4.x that is out for some time now.. other than that, there is no other egl drivers
  2. open terminal emulator, use su for root access and type swapon /path/to/swap.file[/CODE] to turn it off just replace [u]swapon[/u] with [u]swapoff[/u] also, if you have problems with that, try updating your busybox binary, you can do that via play store
  3. that depends of the swap file you made.. when i do free i get: total used free 204792 39040 165752 so at the moment, from my 200mb swap file image, i have 165mb free abd 39 used.. you can also make a smaller swap file, doesnt matter really
  4. here you go mate, i remembered i ported that, have it on my mf account p;
  5. you can check raceroms, i think that site still works.. im here mostly for support now since i disbanded all racer projects and probably wont do anything related because of this issue.. probably moving to nexus tablets and similar
  6. imho, beta1 is better even with glitches, beta2 is hard to press and glitch every once in a while D: 1.4 was good but i think i had pointer/calibration issues.. but thats just me
  7. tried your 1.5 finally, seems stable and all but ts driver is glitchy, ghost clicks and similar on my phone.. will check your git about that :)
  8. then just use apktool to unpack framework, edit pics you want/need regarding statusbar and icons if you want and pack it up again
  9. you can always rewrite your ramdisk and use your sdcard as data partition or something.. or just plain A2SD
  10. totally offtopic, i noticed you wrote you made your site mobile friendly.. may i asked if you used media query for that? or some other css style thing?
  11. you need to modify both framework and systemui if you have it.. if not, then most images in framework that starts with statusbar_ or status_bar
  12. because someone deleted all my posts with my roms and links, i will not post them again, probably kill all working links and wont reupload anything
  13. this is a year old thread mate... just download some stock rom or any custom cm7 rom and flash via cwm, will get your phone working
  14. sorry for not showing any support guys, i left on a business trip outside my country and dont have a pc, using roommates laptop :( hope you guys get everything going o/
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