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  1. Hi. I'm russian user, sorry my english. I see - You made "ZTE Blade Partition Layout Tool". I ZTE Reacer rom builder member. Please. Help me - made your tools for my phone. ZTE Racer.

  2. The update script included in the zip formats data partition. btw, has anyone noticeed slowdowns when a dialog is open? for example the widget picker. And i've already crt animations working, but is slow as hell
  3. like i said, small cache partition, in your case 2mb. this rom doesn't redirect cache to ram as cm7 so you'll need a bigger cache partition
  4. during sleep. the phone goes to sleep(it only wakes up with the power button) but wifi doesn't It has both.
  5. That does not happen in all froyo roms. SS does not have that problem for example.
  6. I am using China Unicom driver (present in PS RLS3b) and wifi disconnects when phone is sleeping but it reconnects in less than 1 sec when i wake up I also use an app "Wfifi Keep Alive" that makes wifi always connected, but prevents phone from sleeping.
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