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  1. Well, I bit the bullet and DL the ICS Rom from a link on xda developers. It appears to be very recent (the post was 17th April I think) - and has been made into a one step install, which gives superuser and root access as well! Tablet performing excellently on this, and its a pleasure to have all the Huawei apps working (including some free nifty cloud storage and backup solutions), as well as text messaging.. Double bonus now that the stock Orange Rom has been uncovered so I can keep it in case of warranty issues. Many thanks to all on this thread, very happy! Gerry P
  2. I have had my Tahiti for a couple of months and think its excellent, apart from the SMS function being disabled by Orange :( One question though - there was supposed to be an ICS update for th Mediapas by "end of Q1", which im assuming is end of March, yet nothing offical from Huawei (for unlocked deviced). Anyone got any news, Id gladly upgrade but Id like an official ROM download first (the one you used was an early release).
  3. Its OK I extracted the live wallpaper picker.apk from the full version to the SD card and installed it from app manager which worked. (should have tried before posting).
  4. Hi, love the ROM - just one question. How can I add live wallpapers into the Lite version they dont show up as selectable in the wallpaper picker. Thanks, Gerry
  5. You dont need to enter the number, just start typing the name and it gives you a choice from your contacts list...
  6. "I've never ran a quadrant benchmark, but after downloading it form the Market I got a score of 909. Which means nothing to me until I saw the comparison to a Desire, Nexus One and Galaxy S; this beats it hands down! But, im not getting to excited, as I've read there maybe foul play at work. This is R9 (not R9a) Oh, this is using SetCPU set to 710MHz." Yes you are right - unfortunately the activation of stagefright in R9 causes one of the tests in quadrant to complete in 0s, thereby giving a false (ie super fast) benchmark score... Still a blinding ROM though. Gerry
  7. :D Love this ROM! Just done a quadrant test and got 534 (no stagefright). Seems good to me..
  8. What a polite forum this is - I dont think ive been told to shut up in such a pleasant way before :D Apologies for the previous late night post. I shall watch quietly and eagerly await the next release Hope its all good, Gerry
  9. Seems to me there are lots of people moaning and complaining about little things in this ROM... They should be quiet - This ROM is FREE and I think it works fantastically well (considerably better than any of the others, and Ive tried 3 different ones). If you dont like it , dont use it. Better still make your own ROM.. Hats of to Fib for the hard work, and stop complaining everyone. Gerry
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