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  1. No probs I'll get that sorted for you. Did ask the other half to do it for me... Women! :-\
  2. H3ROS you are a star, much appreciated. Up and running again! Scrap that.. your paypal in bottom link. I'll get that beer sorted bud..
  3. Hello chaps. Had me phone not 30 minutes and already ballsed something up. Trying to root the bugger. One click didn't do it neither did Doomlord effort. Last attempt was Paul's program which did it's thing, re-booted the phone but now the dam thing is in a loop? Tried vol up, power and home - factory reset etc but to no avail.. Can someone please suggest a fix - I'll blast a pint over by paypal for your trouble.
  4. Hey gents. Just bagged a good as new ZTE V790... dual sim an all. After nearly 3 hours I finally got Play Store working (what a pig!) Anyway, anyone know of a good rom to flash this sucker with. Done the usual mooch around but nobody seems to be working or even interested in this handset :( Thanks.
  5. Put it in my back pocket yesterday and went for a spin down to the local tesco. When I went to use the phone the bloody screen wouldn't display anything, just a black screen. The display isn't cracked and when booting up does flash a few times, the back light is working. Not had this problem with any other phone... are the screens really that flaky on the G300?
  6. Mmmmm, maybe not! Anyone know of any issues with B892 and wifi? Prior to the update wifi was working, now it's not? Other half's Play connects OK so it's not router related..
  7. Oh dear, one has killed his G300 while trying to unlock the bootloader, I'm guessing it didn't need unlocking in the first place. Now all I have is a bootloop. I've got the pink screen, tried to run middle road which only gets 1/2 way then tried loading B882 via the dload package, it's got 1/3 of the way before stalling? Can anyone point me to some firmware in the dload format to try please.. all my huawei firmware links are dead.. Much thanks..
  8. The A820 looks just the ticket but my luck no longer available. Bugger :(
  9. Hi all. I'm in the market for a dual sim phone and would like some suggestions. Been on some Chinese websites and the choice is overwhelming, one thing I've noticed is the lack of 2100, 3G on most of them? There is a Viewsonic knocking about for 50 quid but the spec looks awful, there's also a handful of ZTE's and the Prestigio range that look reasonable but I'm still not 100% sure. The phone will be using giffgaff (3G) and a Ovivo (2G) and I'm looking to spend around £100. Any suggestions chaps?
  10. This guide will get your phone ready to roll back to any stock GB. Just read carefully! https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ToeElZ0tyT255yXfu5tasH5VGQ4y6C57CheRMLrd1A/edit#
  11. B895 has 109808. The last one before the nasty ICS!
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