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  1. Same here. Vertical lines are noticeable indoors where automatic backlight is very low. In white backgrounds it;s worst and looks very bad. But i think thats how monitor works. We have to live with this...
  2. gpou

    Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    Paul...i know that asked a lot of times..but could u give an ETA for kitchen;;
  3. gpou

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    When do you think it will be on market.... I am definately spend my money for buying it!!!!
  4. gpou

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Any room for another beta tester???? I am using custom FR17 with 64MB Hack and [email protected] edition 1.7
  5. My question was if paul could do some coding so this rom could be flashed on o2x :mellow:
  6. Paul could this changed to flash on o2x?? Or we must wait for another leak???
  7. So paul Do you think that we will find a soluton for this issue eventually?
  8. Can someone post the new radio and hboot version? Also does this update fixes the issue with no network after sim unlocking????
  9. I today receiver my T-mobile G2 from USA, i obtained an unlocking code for sim card lock and the phone opens now. But it cannon search for networks and i cannot register to any network. When i put the enclosed sim card of T-mobile it searches and finds all greek networks. But with my card all i get is error... I also noticed that when i configure a new apn the MCC and MNC codes arent filled automatically as they should be. Even when i manually entered them (MCC 202 and MNC 05 for GR Cosmote) and saved it, i could not found it on the list. So i think the problem is it cannot read properly the MCC MNC codes from sim card Update After entering the unlocking code when i tried the tmo card it also cannot find any nettworks. When i go to hboot and choose simlock i get error message: FAT32 init ok Open MCCMNC file fail Open CID file fail
  10. Paul have you compiled stk.apk for froyo;;

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