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  1. Hi I've got a brand new, retail packaged, BlueTrek G2 for sale for £27 + £whatever it is to cover postage. Totally unused, I got it with my Vario and actually I have no use for it so just selling it for what its worth. It only weighs 12 grams, is absolutely tiny, and unusually the ear clip can flip over and the buttons are positioned so it can be used with either ear. If anyone wants to buy it and would rather support me, a MoDaCo user, than some eBay user you don't know then please PM me. I have no idea what the rules of this forum are for selling stuff - hope I'm not upsetting anyone. Ta DM
  2. Someone mentioned that T-mobile UK have EDGE running... I dunno if it's true, but I do know that my MDA Vario is a major amount faster at downloading web pages than my E200 on Orange was... don't know how much of it is down to the speed of rendering the pages, it just seems a lot quicker at downloading. But it also says it's using GPRS.
  3. I've had loads of problems getting a Vario on a good price from T-mobile. Basically they won't pricematch anyone else at all (they told me "our deals stand up on their own"), and their different high street shops are run by one of four different companies so one "T-mobile" store doesn't care what another "T-mobile" store is doing. So no, they won't match any special bundle or deal Scancom may be doing. However, if you buy directly from T-mobile either by phone or web, and say your Dad recommended you, both of you will get £20 on your account. So he'll get his £20 and you'll get £20 off buying from TM, which may make it as good (or better) as the deal you've seen on Scancom. And if anyone is going to buy a Vario or any other TM handset and fancies £20 off their bill, PM me! DM
  4. I installed mine direct to the phone from the CD T-mobile enclosed with my Vario. I don't even have a miniSD card yet. (As per the post above, maybe the software on the CD is an old incompatible version.)
  5. Ah... The SPB GPRS Monitor that came on a CD with my MDA Vario is "Version 2.3.0, Build 646". In Settings... Today... you can set options for the GPRS Monitor today plugin and mine is set by default to refresh every 10 seconds. Made it 20 seconds and it doesn't seem to be any quicker. Might be slowing things down though?
  6. I've given up using File Explorer on mine, since it seems to be stuck. Whenever I run it it tries to display the Windows folder and the little timer icon just goes round and round and round... So I have no idea what's in my Startup folder - and still no idea why File Explorer is screwed...
  7. Hmm So does this mean we can make different shortcuts to the calendar to automatically open specific views? Why would HTCCalendar.exe be different to Calendar.exe? I haven't got Tweaks2K to try (actually no idea what it is) DM
  8. Yep, I can confirm this brings up the Align Screen tool on my MDA Vario.
  9. Hi So the Pocket Internet Explorer shipped with the Vario/Wizards - what are your opinions on how secure it is? Basically there are a few sites like email and eBay that I want to surf on it, but what about online banking? Is the security of PIE as good as on a desktop IE? BTW if anyone is thinking of getting a Vario, I can tell you it's internet browsing is my faster than my E200 was on Orange. Either GPRS on T-Mobile is quicker than Orange, or the E200 was just terribly slow at rendering pages. But I think the data speed is faster! DM
  10. Hi Firstly, hoo and ray - I have got hold of a VARIO!!! :) :D ;) I would be more pleased if I hadn't found 3 new bugs in the first hour of using it, all of which scream at me "no one ever put this through user testing"?!? Anyway, not a bug but an annoyance that people thinking of buying one should know - when I tried an M500 (Magician) in an Orange shop, I was fairly impressed with the Vonix Voice Dial on it. I found I could dial a contact by saying something like "dial john at work", or even a number with "dial zero two zero...". So how come on the Vario (ie Wizard) you can only voice dial by adding individual voice tags to individual contact numbers? Compared to Magician this is a big step back. It just seems to be totally different software, which is really disappointing. DM
  11. There's a tiny prog called VJKeypress, which let's you simulate key presses in a batch file. Have a search for it, the guy has made lots of small but very useful programs. I still haven't got my Vario (delivery is yet again "tomorrow" :cry: ) so I can't try anything but maybe this will help fill the gap!
  12. Good answer!! This means I can play with it whilst it's charging. The expected delivery for my Vario hasn't changed - "tomorrow"... grrrr Any more tips for first charge or first thing to do with it?
  13. Thanks all so far. So presumably when I first receive it and plug it in to the mains for a long charge, I shouldn't use it at the same time? Just leave it completely alone for the first charge? (That's if it ever gets delivered... ARGH)
  14. I'd like Atari ST, Speccy and SNES emulators, and a good freeware Backgammon to start with...!
  15. Has anyone ever haggled/negotiated/got anything extra from the official T-mobile telesales? I'm surprised they're so immovable. Really, have you ever managed to get a deal out of them, say more than 12 months half-price, or a free text bundle on top of your tariff? Or anything "thrown in" on top of the advertised deal? DM
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