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  1. You can find two time machines in this post. But if you want to flash official 2.1 update you don't need a time machine. Just do a dload update. Google for official updates. Most of the links are dead but they can be found.
  2. Yep, flash the official Rom. And than use z4root.apk to root your phone. It works quite well on pulse. You overcomplicated things. If the official Rom shows you "update failed" use time machine and then official flash (search for rajoni's thread for 2 different time machines)
  3. You can use the widget called Apn OnOff from Curvefish. It has the option to disable apn (data) and to leave mms enabled. It works for me.
  4. Of course there is a percentage in the status bar icon, This can be set up in the cm settings. Every cm6, 7, 9 or 10 has this option. I use black status bar and I change the percentage color in cm settings into white since it is more visible when battery is half empty e.g.
  5. I'm uploading one now. Should boot just fine. If not try replacing build.prop with one from pier's cm9. Couldn't test it myself, need phone for a few days. Cheers. https://www.dropbox....bayncpl/cm9.zip Edit: Not booting. Sorry.. I'll try sth tomorrow.
  6. To be honest, I was surprized when I first saw your old test results. Pier's cm7.2 has the best battery life I've seen. And I tried almost every rom from this forum. So I'm glad to see that the second test score was that high. For me, it really has the best battery life.
  7. It is a launcher issue, there are no problems with adw or golauncherex. I put that one because it's only 400kb. Just replace it. If you want full gapps, you have to resize the rom. You can delete some ringtones and save 2mb, on fonts I saved 4mb, and Latinime.apk in this rom is 11mb vs. peir rom's 4mb so I used pier's and save 7mb. Minimalistic gapps are dr. flo's idea. And very good one. Market is the only thing I really need, and if I am going to need sth else at one point, I can just install it from market. This is not my rom. This is everybody's rom and one should customize it per one's own needs. Edit: I thought about compiling everything into one zip, but this way people can chose what to install. There are people who don't use gapps at all.. Regards
  8.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/zz4molypclq2ta2/czf.apk  
  9. Ok. So I narrowed down camera issue. It has sth to do with auto-focus. I installed an older version of camea zoom fx which has an option to turn off completely auto-focus and I was able to take pictures without issues. But as soon as I enable auto-focus I cannot take any pictures. Regarding keypad lights, I believe that this rom has the same issue as stock froyo from pier. So I don't think that there is an easy workaround for that one..
  10. Unfortunately no. I believe it's a kernel feature and our kernel does not support wifi tethering as far as I know.
  11. iwmulticall is for wifi tether and the other vm ones are virtual memory management tweaks. I haven't done those tweaks, so I don't know if they make any difference.
  12. It really is nice. There are issues, but I think it can be resolved (keypad lights, camera taking pictures, and wifi and signal status bar icons not turning green when connected - those are the ones I spotted).
  13. That is strange. I haven't experienced it yet..
  14. When I press a button to take pic, fokus square shows up and app buttons are not responding even though there is a preview going on. Here is logcat: http://db.tt/jPP2CHaQ
  15. Nope, video is working just fine without that file. I deleted it this morning. Still no clue about that, and it's annoying. Video working great, but cannot take picture :blink: Crazy, right?
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