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  1. Thanks!!! I really appreciate your help! :P Let me tell you that the Headset is working great now!!! Believe it or not, that is a veeeeeeeery usefull tool and it was the only thing that a I really missed in my Nokia :huh: :) :P
  2. OMG!!!! that is exactly that I want!!!!!!!! :) :P :D Thanks soooooooo much man! emmmmmm but I have a little problem...... I can not download the cab from xda forum, I'm just recent member and when I try to get the file they reply me that i'm to new for that :P :P :huh:
  3. Hi All, The default omnia 2, headset comes with hands free, but unfortunatelly I cant change or stop/play music with it. So i have to touch the screen in order to change, stop music (this is not comfortable at all) :huh: It's possible to reassign phone keys? ex. while playing music, would be great change the next track using the cam key... Do you have any clue? :) Thanks so much! :P
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