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  1. Yes, it's a liquid hardware related problem. Same for original acer rom.
  2. I've send a mail to AUO company with that request, i'm waiting for a reply
  3. why do you have to offend for free? However, I am anything but a kid
  4. I'm sorry about your phone, then i made 2 +2, your brick and your values ​​(values ​​post started by youppi) = warning, nothing else. And, sorry for this unuseful thing:
  5. Lol, i started 2 years ago, posted a modded koud ginger rom, helped thepasto and other dev, found useful lowmem values for first cm 7.0, send to thepasto and Co the link to the first topic about v6 supercharged script etc... sorry but... i don't know why some liquid users are not friendly...
  6. is this the code to disable ipv6 under ginger and ics? net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1
  7. with this heat we have lost thepasto!!! ahahahah!! but... patience!! thepasto you are wonderful
  8. youpi666 have you an eta for next release? i have to change rom on my liquid and i'm looking around :)
  9. Sorry, sorry, sorry, but i don't understand the values' story... Pheraps, one minute silence for your liquid...
  10. Disable sign check before flashing gapps
  11. May disabling all kernel debugging mode can help poor Liquid A1?
  12. autobrightness on: 14 hours battery life autobrightness off: 5 hours battery life (backlight set to 30%)
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