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  1. Hi, just an update. It appears I can download some CABs just not Google maps or Yahoo Go. Can someone else using a niki with HTC 6.1 stock ROM try this and see if its the same for you? Thanks JB
  2. Hi, I have a Touch Plus from T-Mobile UK. I have installed the HTC European ROM onto my device. I cannot download cabs using the built in Internet Explorer browser. Cabs such as Google Maps and YahooGO! I used to be able to download them with the original T-Mobile UK rom but this rom just downloads a 0Kb file, then says the install has been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks
  3. Hello all, I'm using my MDA Touch Plus as a modem for my laptop with bluetooth connecting phone to laptop. My problem is that the internet connection is slow and often just disconnects after about 10 - 15 mins. Sometimes it can be fast but the disconnection issue happens almost always after about 10 - 15 mins. T-Mobile have checked signal blah blah blah on the network and all is fine for 3G and HSDPA, very strong signal and i'm permitted access onto HSDPA enabled transmitters. My laptop is Vista Home Premium and it's the same situation if I use a USB cable to connect to the laptop. Is anyone esle having this trouble? Thanks in advance JB
  4. Hello all, Is there a way to make ABC input the default choice in text input for example instead of the Xt9 option. I keep forgeting to change from Xt9 to ABC when texting! Cheers JB
  5. jbrare

    Build Quality

    Cheers for the replies. T-Mobile have replaced my phone under the 28 day rule. They said that the demo touch plus they have is scratched on the keys but no where near as bad as mine was. The new one I have so far is fine. The back plate is tight and the keys don't appear to be scratching! JB
  6. jbrare

    Build Quality

    Hello all, I've just upgraded to an MDA Touch plus. I've notices the build quality is not great really. The slide out keypad has 3 scratches going vertically up the keypad like part of the internal mechanism is scratching the surface as the keypad is slid in and out of the phone. Also, the back cover has become very creaky since opening it twice since I got it. I do of course take care when I take the cover off. The two slide parts of the phone don't seem to sit well together either as there is quite a lot of play in them as you can move it from side to side. Apart from that, I love this phone! Is yours the same?? JB
  7. Why are we waiting... For the bloody Vario 2 update???
  8. jbrare

    Orange insurance

    I thought it would happen sooner or later... Orange insurance is ?6 a month now for new customers. Does anyone know if this is a recent thing? JB
  9. jbrare

    Existing Customers Ripped off On Service Plans

    Rant on my friend!! Viva la T-Mobile revolution....I havn't looked back!
  10. jbrare

    Naughty naughty Orange...

    Agreed, but the choice (even in the franchised shops) should be available. As I said before, I don't expect unrealistic price plans for my 12 months so long as it's fair. I don't even mind contributing a fair share of the phone price either. This option was taken away from me by Orange unless I accepted an 18 month contract. "No" business seems to be preferable to "some" business as far as Orange is concerned. Shame really, I liked the network. JB
  11. jbrare

    Naughty naughty Orange...

    I'm on relax 25 (?25 p/month with 150 mins 500 txts and 5 mms) and web 'n' walk unlimited (?7.50) on a 12 month contract. Bought in a T-Mobile shop in Leeds. Can't fault it. Orange signal was better though as was their 3G signal. Also as posted elsewhere the Orange shops are looking VERY empty these days as is Vodafone. O2 seems fairly busy and T-Mobile are VERY busy. JB
  12. jbrare

    Naughty naughty Orange...

    For gods sake, what is wrong with these people who run Orange / Vodafone (don't know about O2). NOT ALL CUSTOMERS want an 18 month contract! I don't want "pay as you go" and I don't expect all the "extras" of an 18 month contract either. I just want a FAIR 12 month contract with an upgrade without being mis-sold an 18 month contract. I don't care who owns what franchise or who sells direct, thats all irrelevant to me. Sell me a product I want to buy! Most (but not all) people who sign these 18 month contracts are blinded by a new shiny phone at the time. 8-9 months down the line most (but by no means all) will be bored of there phone / network and will be looking forward to an upgrade soon. Sorry guys, will be the answer from the network. Your on an 18 month contract, you can't upgrade for another 7-8 months. Cancelling the contract could be costly too. 12 months is long enough to be tied to a contract, especially within the telecoms industry. Orange went from outstanding to very poor in around 12 - 18 months. This is all academic anyway, as i'm with T-Mobile now. Very happy so far, "12 month contract...no problem sir, what tariff would you like? Of course you can have unlimited data access sir." Web 'n' Walk. Not rocket science, but it's what customers want and I don't get branded with an animal tariff! JB
  13. jbrare

    Orange upgrades unfair!

    I totally agree! I left Orange last week, am now with T-Mobile - Unlimited internet ?7.50 anyone?? JB
  14. jbrare

    Problem with Orange video calling

    Hello, I'm trying to make a video call to another 3G enabled handset on the O2 network from my Orange handset (6680). When I try, I get an error message saying "Check network services". I have spoken to Orange who have gone through my phone settings, account settings and sent a SIM update to refresh my USIM but still I get this error. It's gone to tech support, even the data support team said it could be a while until I get an answer!!! I have a full 3G signal, so does my friend - confirmed by voice call afterwards. I have had this before but it seemed to clear it's self a few minutes after speaking to customer services back in February. The video answer service started working then also. But now, nothing just the error again. Anyone else had this? Thanks JB
  15. jbrare

    Tough debut for animals

    Don't forget the 1p on delivery reports bringing the cost of a text with report to unlucky 13p per text.

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