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  1. I just updated and update procedure was without any problems. Thank you.
  2. Interesting, same apps do not install on nexus 5 This probably means that problem is not in the phone?
  3. Hello I have on phone clean install of CM 11, everything is working excellent except one thing. Some apps from google play (for example skype) don't want to install. Blue line is running but download is not starting. Do you maybe know how can I fix this problem? Thank you. Kind regards
  4. One more question ;) I see in update tab that new nightly updates are available. Can I install these updates directly from CM 11? Of course I will not install them every day, but maybe once a month... Thank you Kind regards
  5. THANK YOU. :) Yes, 1 eur is nothing... For now, phone works great.
  6. yes, exactly I choose this option: force bootloader unlock from unlocking tab on dc-unlocker software same as here: https://www.dc-unlocker.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23234 Kind regards
  7. OMG, look what I found out on my phone :) :D :P Thank you everyone for your help. @dalyer, thank you very much for your help. Without you, this story will not have happy end. THANK YOU Good bye
  8. incredible, look at this :) I used dc unlocker, paid 1 eur and this is the result.... now I have cwmr, can I use to install: http://www.modaco.com/topic/367019-kk-442-cyanogenmod-110-rom-nightly-builds-available/ or do I have to install new (copy paste from above link: You must use a recovery updated for 4.3+ to use this ROM. A CWM build is linked below) how do I install new cwmr and then new rom, gapps...? thank you
  9. me also, fastboot.exe ...give me correct info, bootloader is found, it is locked but when I want to unlock I get info: unlock fail, wrong code... still waiting on answer from dc unlocker, but I'm now almost sure that my phone will stay on 4.0.3 it's not the end of the world ;)
  10. I got third code from Huawei but it is the same as first and second. So no luck. I tried: dc unlocker - force bootloader unlock, but it also did not work. Now I'm waiting on answer from dc-unlocker.... But I think I will have to stay on 4.0.3 :( Do you maybe know any other method for unlocking bootloader? Thank you.
  11. I was not on GB :) Yes, I will wait on unlock code from huawei, try dc unlocker - force bootloader unlock, and on the end contact dc unlocker (if first two are nos successfull) Last option, I will stay on ICS, B952 Thank you for your help
  12. I'm so very sorry, please eccept my apology. I followed install procedure and used this 2 files: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ldpiddddteoxu/Force_Update I see now :( : This is an ICS, B952 Update Again sorry for this. So, I'm not on GB. I will wait again for huawei code, or try dc unlocker - force bootloader unlock (if this exist) or maybe wrote an email to dc unlocker...... Kind regards
  13. No, imei was not modified. I have tried huawei unlock web site from different computer and it also not working, same error message. Btw, I got answer from huawei that I must use this page. I replied back that I can't use it. This post is interesting: https://www.dc-unlocker.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23234 exactly the same problem as I have in dc unlocker Last post from moderator: maybe I have to only click on unlocking tab in upper right corner and choose force bootloader unlock, I will try later today. Thank you for your kind help. Kind regards
  14. Yes, I'm now on stock rom. There were no problems. I used these procedure: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/#entry2128104 Then I went through these steps: http://www.modaco.com/topic/362821-tutorial-how-to-officially-unlock-the-bootloader-with-definitions-relock-guide-included/#entry2128112 but when I enter this: fastboot oem unlock "unlock code for my phone" I got info that code is not correct. Kind regards
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