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  1. Hi there everyone, Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place as this is my first post. you'll see from my links that I use XDA-Developers.com a lot. Currently using as follows: Phone: UK T-Mobile Pulse Mini Rom: Joilaroi CM7.3.5 v12 rev B Recovery: Clockworks for U8100 SD-EXT compatible Recovery for UK T-Mobile Pulse Mini I've discovered that the Clockworks recoveries for pulse mini don't work on the UK T-mobile version when attempting to backup, restore or format the \sd-ext partition however the Amnon Ra recovery provided in this thread does work. Me being me, I wanted to be able to use the Clockworks recovery as it can use signed or unsigned rom updates. After a lot of searching and playing with different Roms I found the Clockworks for U8100 by pure chance over on XDA-Developers, forum page here: http://forum.xda-dev....php?t=1289745# and the link to the image here Clockworks for u8100 this does appear to work nicely. Cyanogen Mod 7.3.5 Now for those of you who would like the CM7 Mod, please note this is an Unoffical Mod and it is NOT my work it is Joilaroi's work; take a look at this forum page, (also on XDA-Developers): http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=950491 like I said I'm using version 12 revision B as I find that to be stable on my phone even though it's aimed at the u8120! You'll find the link about halfway down, the version I use is this one: cm7.1_ver12b Joilaroi's CM7 mod is the only one I've found that supports the \sd-ext partition and usb-pc mounting, one really cool thing is this version auto mounts USB-PC and the phone can still access the sd card while mounted to usb-pc! Nice work Joilaroi. APPS to SD-EXT support The only thing I would note is that it comes with Link2SD more info on it on XDA-Developers here: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=919326 direct link here: Link2SD 1.9.3.apk or on market; as opposed to Darktremmors A2SD which you can get from here: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=715940 or http://www.darktremor.info/index.html , or S2E which is designed purely for CM7 Mod which you can get here: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=917377 also available on market. Each of these approaches have their pros and cons so take your pick. Hope all this helps you get the most out of this great little phone.
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