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  1. You've answered by yourself why he used precompiled libs - because there are were problems with black "textures" :-)
  2. Doenst help too, i have freezes with swap, no compcache (with compcache there are even more freezes), no oc, no a2sd :-P We have used it (32mb or 48, cant remember) in earliest beta's (before beta 3 i guess) and there were freezes too. We have changed it to 128mb to force more active using of swap ('cause swapiness doesnt helped here) and generally it must to work better then with less values. At the moment (on latest beta4 and newly compiled cm9 roms with the same kernel) there are very frequent freeze with turned on wi-fi, actually my phone sometimes cant boot with wifi-on. With turned off wifi - there are less freezes, but still present.
  3. Of course that doesnt help at all, still have a lot of freezes/reboots on a1 with compcache and swap.
  4. You need to put /system/lib/modules folder from cm7.2 too in your Miui.
  5. Here it is: https://github.com/thepasto/android_device_acer_salsa/tree/gingerbread :-)
  6. Debugging works 1000000000000000% and its not connected WITH VISUAL APPEARING OF ADB ICON.
  7. Its not possible to change topic title by simple users as me :-) Its a job for moderator or something like this:-)
  8. Well...just well :-) I got mtp working, so here is new version. Acer Liquid - Miui 2.6.8
  9. Guys, i recommend you just to dont use it - and you will be happy :-) Seems that there will be no update of miui this week - cant get ums/mtp connection working..
  10. ARDV, You need to install drivers from OP of cm9 for liquid, then flash CWM recovery fixed from the same thread and then flash miui 2.6.1. You cant use malez for cm9 and miuiv4. No quetions if you are using malez pls. asay, about contact sync problem - i will check it on new 2.6.8 version tomorrow or then i will port it, cause cant see point to check at old version.
  11. Hi, try to redownload rom and make sure that you are using last cwm from cm9 beta3.
  12. You can just get boot.img from cm7.2 rc3, replace it with the one from the zip of this miui and flash via new cwm, i think :-)
  13. This error of adb icon is not connected to "working" of Adb itself, check your drivers, I can repeat at 100 time - adb 10000000000% working :-)
  14. youpi666, good work. Have found two "bugs": reaaaaaly slow transitions in default launcher in Apps menu and blinking of black screen while unlocking device (right before appearing of Lockscreen) :-) I have rolled back at ics - cant live w/o its UI and those new functions from both ics and cm9 ^_^
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