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  1. 2012.10.2x add new kernel (Need Test!!) download, can boot on i8000??? can't boot!!!! hangs on the loading screen.
  2. It's not connected to the USB . method does not work from ipaq3870
  3. I reinstalled just the kernel part (modules and kernel replace again) on your instructions (manual) )) only white squares in the games
  4. ipaq3870.I reinstalled the assembly with the kernel 4.0 with 160 MB of memory. WiFi has started) cheers! thank you.
  5. 4.0 667mhz-166mhz-160mb-24bpp Wi-Fi not work/ GSM work. ipaq3870 How do wifi ?? ipaq3870 +++ for work. for the development of core
  6. voyteckst laid out please modem.bin taken from I6500 to link your phone to work. Laid out and modified libsec-ril.so. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks
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