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  1. I really wish I followed your advice back then: this way I wouldn't run into the same issue shortly after expanding internal memory, which took me a while to sort out as sadly such old stuff doesn't attract much attention anymore. Looks like all 9.x.x versions of Google Play Services behave this way while the 8.x.x ones that I tried so far are fine (which however autoupdate to 9.4.52 pretty soon, causing the issue). According to my research the problem seems to be on since at least mid-April 2016, I guess about the time the first Google Play Services 9.x.x releases came out. To all who get no further than white screen in Google Play Market with this ROM: freezing Google Play Services (e.g. in Titanium Backup) followed by clearing Google Play Market data can be used as a workaround. Alternatively they all point at some microG GmsCore (instead of Google Play Services) but I haven't tried it myself.
  2. darkglobe87: Thanks for your reply. Can I freeze it this way if it isn't installed?
  3. Hi All, Does anyone happen to know how to prevent automatic Google Play Services installation with EcoCM7? It makes it into the smartphone now and then, eating up all storage. I already tried unchecking automatic app updates checkbox in Google Play Market and even in global settings but surprisingly it didn't help. If there's no way to block its installation is there perhaps a dummy or lightweight version of it that I could install instead, preventing its automatic updates somehow? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Another question: one of the guides on setting the language that isn't displayed among those in Language & Keyboard assumes adding it manually into something like [/system]/etc/customize/default.xml or [/system]/etc/customize/CID/default.xml. I cannot find customize directory anywhere (using ES File Explorer with "Display hidden files" enabled). Which file do I add it into in this ROM? I do know there are several locale apps out there, just want to understand if there's a way to add a "missing" language w/o any of them.
  5. Hi All, Asking after scrutinizing all WiFi related threads in this forum: Has anyone ever managed to make ZTE Blade / OSF running CM7 or jventura's Eco CM7 with only WiFi enabled (Mobile Data disabled) always receive incoming Skype calls while asleep? If so could you please try recalling all the tweaks you had to do to make it work? WiFi sleep policy = Never seems to keep my phone's WiFi up, at least the WiFi icon is there already upon waking it up while with default sleep policy it takes several seconds to come up. Still I tried WiFi Keep Alive app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shantz.wifikeepalive) as I couldn't find REGPON one in Google Play, but it made no difference whatsoever. Upon upgrade to jventura's Eco CM9, which all my apps survived (hence same Skype version as before), the issue went away - but I'm really keen on making it work in CM7 / Eco CM7 as nothing can beat their performance. Btw before moving to 2.3.x I had the same problem with JJ9 with the most recent Skype version(s) available back then. Also IIRC when the phone running JJ9 was on 3G and asleep incoming Skype calls didn't go through either, so I'm unsure if it's a WiFi issue. Unfortunately I have no SIM card with a data plan to try the same with CM7 / Eco CM7 at the moment. Many thanks in anticipation!
  6. Could anyone please upload the 3 launchers elsewhere, e.g. at dropbox? These links are all enforcing iLivid instead of the corresponding content described: - ADWLauncher: http://www.multiupload.nl/352B55XIYP - AOSP Stock Launcher: http://www.multiupload.nl/C7M2R4JFF1 - LauncherPro: http://www.multiupload.nl/Y1PJHX8OJ2 and: - DSP Manager: http://www.multiupload.nl/AMO95QDM3H
  7. Hi Lister, Thanks for your reply. In fact with this great TPT method upgrading is no feat anymore: one needs to exhibit incredible art to go wrong with it ) Looks like w/o understanding what exactly I'm doing (hence this question) I was repeatedly trying to get into CWM by means of Menu / Vol+ / Power instead of Vol- / Power. Worth noting that I tried the latter also at least once w/o any luck: it just proceeded booting into the OS normally. Btw there's at least one more mode that I found myself in once ages ago and was looking for a CWM option there (like "install image from *.zip) before someone advised I'm not in Recovery at all. IIRC that was something to do with Fastboot or Bootloader. Gaining decent background in it all would be great to minimize silly questions. Got ZeeLog Recovery from the KitKat thread and may actually go for it indeed as there doesn't seem to be any harm in CWM upgrade anyway. Update: Just tried (yet again) holding vol- while turning on the phone - still no luck...
  8. Hi All, Is there a thread with a comprehensive summary of all special modes such as Recovery explaining what each of such modes is for and how to enter it (specifically for ZTE Blade / OSF)? Been trying to enter CWM using all famous key combinations w/o any luck: can only get there using Quick Boot app so far, so would like to acquire decent background on this stuff just in case I ever need access to any other mode in the future. Running jventura's EcoCM7 if that matters. Thanks in advance!
  9. Many thanks to jventura for this wonderful ROM. After LiveWallpapers and CM Themes installation my battery etc have all turned blue. Is their colour user configurable now? If so where do I change it back to green? If not is there any way to roll back to the system state with green ones? Will resetting to factory defaults help or re-flashing the ROM is the only option left? Thanks in advance! Update: the app called Themes among those installed did the job.
  10. Understand wrt SD card formatting now and have just found about 30 threads on WiFi related issues, most of which appear to be resolved by now. Looks like setting WiFi sleep policy to Never is the first thing for me to try and if no luck installing a WiFi keepalive app is the next.
  11. I didn't wipe before upgrading JJ RLS9 to CM7 N257... can I format my SD card now? If so will CM7 survive and recreate directory structure on blank SD card or I'll have to re-flash CM7 afterwards? (better late than never: starting from scratch usually helps) I understand the image goes into phone's ROM during flashing and if so CM7 itself should remain intact - but what about various apps that might have written some data onto the SD card by now? Seems like Link2SD would have helped overcome the complications around moving the apps onto SD card with JJ RLS9 mentioned earlier: I just wish I knew about it back then. I might still need Link2SD one day to install some large app to play with. I'm already familiar to some extent with ES File Explorer and RootExplorer since the days spent customizing Lenovo S660: both are great apps indeed, will install them onto the OSF too. Didn't realize the former one can do wireless file transport: that's handy as no more "connect/disconnect USB storage" all the time I suppose ) Will check the rest of the bullets over the nearest future. Many thanks again! P.S. Btw at the time the phone gets locked or perhaps some time afterwards it apparently drops WiFi to resume it only once it's unlocked, at first showing no WiFi signal before showing perfect signal several seconds later. Whoever is logged into Skype on the phone shows up as Away during such period and seems to be unable to receive Skype calls: when calling them from my PC I'm not even getting ring back tone. Is that expected? If so how do I prevent it from ever dropping WiFi, which I suppose would fix the "issue"? (assuming there's no way to make an incoming Skype call wake it up somehow) It'll clearly come at the cost of the battery but might still be required in some circumstances.
  12. Geoff2: Many thanks for so many perfect hints at once! The summary on those few tweaks would be ideal as OSF speed might become a challenge one day. - while waiting for replies I happened to install CM7 N257 using AiO TPT package and Skype is working well on it. So the main goal of the exercise is achieved already and tbh I'm not feeling like I'll ever want to upgrade it to any of the higher major CM releases, perhaps just for a change one day. Meanwhile I'll definitely research the Eco CM7 following your so positive feedback about it. - among the apps that come with CM7 N257 is Superuser, so it should be rooted already? I recall manually installing SU before and/or after upgrading stock Orange ROM to JJ RLS9 in the past while this time it seems to be part of the package installed. - there's a Class 10 16GB Kingston MicroSD card in it, which has been working fine for about the last 3 years although I don't remember if I ever managed to move any apps onto it: IIRC there were some complications around it with JJ RLS9 and I finally gave up, keeping only data there. A class 10 32GB Kingston MicroSD card has been working well in my spouse's Lenovo S660. Would any particular class higher than 10 help speed up OSF noticeably?
  13. Dear All, What would be the best ROM(s) for an early Orange San Francisco phone (OLED, native Gen1) using the following criteria: - battery life - stability - acceptable performance (i.e. no lagging beyond reasonable limits) - essential although not mandatory: WiFi not to fall off on its own like say with (2.2-based) JJ The phone will have a minimal set of apps that is just enough to use it as a communicator (voice/text) over 3G+/HSPA and WiFi. The ROM would have to be based on 2.3 or above as neither Skype nor Viber are supported in lower versions. The first potentially suitable ROM I've found so far is CM7 (2.3.7) N257. It's appealing thanks in particular to the ease of upgrading to it (incl Gen1 to Gen2 conversion as part of the process) - but perhaps more recent CM versions are even better in terms of above mentioned criteria? Assuming CM11 (4.4.4) that I've just come across in this forum is available for my phone indeed is it not too heavy for the OSF HW? Many thanks in anticipation!
  14. Hi Paul, Apologies for disturbing... any chance to swap the MD5 hashes of B05 and B08 back in the beginning of this thread? They appear to be swapped around. My B05 also returns MD5=97f1bb0f657ce21d8b7983a1fb12f7f4. Many thanks, Dmitriy
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