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  1. PatrickAeon

    [ROM] VegaCream for Advent Vega / PoV Mobii Tegra

    After over a year and a half happily using Paul's R8 version of Froyo with no problems to speak of, I took a deep breath and flashed the Vegacream RC2 ROM. Having done that and rebooted I was stunned at the difference. My Vega is faster and seems to have lost the over-sensitivity problem with the touchscreen when charging from the mains that the early tablets had. The display is also much more crisp. Now, don't get me wrong, I have been using my Vega as much as my laptop, and I that is a lot. I was happy with Paul's ROM, but now I am ecstatic with Vegacream. I have yet to find anything it will not do for my purposes, and it seems to be rock solid. All I did after the upgrade was install Titanuim Backup and restore all my apps and data. The whole process was remarkably pain free. I wish to thank the developers for a truely brilliant product, especially since they do it in their own time.
  2. PatrickAeon

    A real noobs question....

    I have been using 'Advanced Task Killer Free' (get it from the Android Market). It can be used manually and can be set to kill apps on a timed basis. I also have 'Smart Task Switcher' which has a secondary function of being able to kill apps. The combination works very well for me.
  3. PatrickAeon

    ZTE MF112 broadband dongle

    I've bitten the bullet and bought a MiFi device. Now I can work with a number of computers. I would still like to know about the ZTE MF112 if anyone manages it.
  4. PatrickAeon

    ZTE MF112 broadband dongle

    I know that I might be flogging a dead horse, but it would be nice to get a definitive answer, even if it is 'it can't be done'. I would very much like to get the 3 speed from one dongle for both my Vega and laptop. Thanks for your advice. I might do it as a stopgap.
  5. PatrickAeon

    ZTE MF112 broadband dongle

    I know that there is a topic about broadband dongles, but the 3 network ZTE MF112 dongle seems to be proving the most problematical so far. I thought that it might be worthwhile starting a post on this subject, because I have failed to get mine to work on my Vega as have a lot of other people. Please, is there anyone out there who can help on this issue? Thanks in advance.

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