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  1. Tinsel

    Modified Kindle app, optimised for eInk Nooks

    Hi Paul, I have installed your Kindle app, and I still use it on my Nook Simple Touch Glowlight. Many thanks - its very useful. However, the promise of having a universal reader hasn't worked out, I can't get either the Kobo or Google reader to work on the Nook. I was wondering if you have modified versions of the Kobo or Google apps that work on the Nook ? If not, do you know of any that do work ? Regards, Malcolm
  2. Thanks for the tip BlueMoonRising. I will try the app you recommend. Shame though, I much prefer standard apps wherew possible if only to keep things as simple as possible.
  3. Hi all, I successfully used the AIO tool to change my OSD from the stock Orange ROM to the Xolo Rom, and I have enabled the SD card. This works great, and I have stuffed the micro SD slot with a 32gb card with loads of films on it to entertain the kids when travelling - they also work perfectly played back on a TV via the micro HDMI. The problem is the dialler no longer seems T9 predictive - ie, when dialling Joe I would press 563. What have I done wrong ? Or does the Xolo rom not have T9 ? Simple thing, but if you use the phone a lot as a phone, it makes it painful. Cheers, Tinsel
  4. Hi Flibble, Thanks for R11. Seems as slick as usual. I am running R11 with stock Android dialler (I cleared the cache, cleared the Dalvik cache, wiped for factory defaults, but still had probs with the ZTE dialler version, mores the pity). I have found this release it doesnt have the Video icon. A few releases ago, you added a patch to the music app to re-instate the shortcut for the video player. Can you please put a shortcut to this on the first page of the R11 forum thread ? Even better would be to add it back into the main ROM. Thanks, Tinsel
  5. Hi Flibblesan, Great release, thanks. Two comments/issues: 1) its great that you are looking to have a package to add back the stock ZTE dialer. I find any phone without T9 is pretty much unusable. Previously I had been running your R8 with Dialler 1....but you then have to add Launcher pro to make Dialler 1 the default dialler as changing the dialler default isnt possible in Android 2.2.... so a lot of the benefits of 2.2 go up the swanee......Ideally I want R10 with the minimum of ad-ons to keep the normal operation as close to stock Android as possible, or at very least as close to stock Android with the ZTE dialler as possible. But I get the same error on trying to load your zip file as the others. UK/3.3mp/TFT/clockwork 2.5.0something. 2) when you came out with r9 you very kindly added added a zip for me to bring back the Video icon (I used this on R8 and all worked as intended). Great ! This also works under r10, but I was wondering if you will add it into the main version rather than having to patch. Many thanks, Tinsel
  6. Hi, that works perfectly ! Many thanks ! Malcolm
  7. Hi Flibblesan Great work with the Rom, I am running 8a and its very slick. However the lack of the Video app icon is actually causing me a lot of grief as it means I can't hand my phone to the kids and know that they can navigate to the videos, and from these post I see its not added in 9b. Could you add the app back in please? I would be very grateful if you do (its not fun trying to describe to my 7 year old how to start the filer app and navigate to such and such directory so he can start a video while I am driving ! Many thanks Malcolm

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