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  1. Blade Buddy Thanks for the link to the s2E app. Unfortunately it does not work and may need the script you mention. I am not technically competent to be able to do this. The blade was also my first android smartphone and it has served me well. I have my LG G3 back now and it appears to be working..... Kind regards Andy
  2. KonstaT I am not a technical person but have had to start using my ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco again as my LG G3 is broken and I have had to send it back to LG. I have the same problem with Play Store and Play Services but have found that if I install my apps before the updates for these kick in, and the Blade stops working, everything I need works including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail. If I uninstall the Playstore and Play Services apps and do not open the Playstore again the updates for these are not requested and the phone is relatively stable. One question I have is which is the best app for putting my apps to SD. I am using A2SDGUI but believe that you originally recommended S2E. I cannot find a working version of this app. Can you point me in the direction of one that does work or another app which you could recommend? Andy
  3. KonstaT Is there a TPT for this rom? The reason I ask is that the link to select the TPT from the first page does not work Andy
  4. KonstaT Do you have an answer to this question? Andy
  5. I am currently using the latest Version of this Rom and GAPPS with Link2SD. This works well but I cannot carry out a Titanium Backup of all my apps. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.
  6. I have a problem when using this ROM with screen flickering on when viewing pictures on Quick Pic and when changing navigating/changing volume on MX Player. Does anyone else have these problems?
  7. I have tried to install the int2ext+ sip and though it confirms it has install ext is not visible. Any help on how I can get this working greatly appreciated. Should I be using a different script?
  8. Where do I find Int2Ext and how is it used?
  9. I've installed this rom and S2E but although S2E appears to be working to some extent I now have an issue. The Freespace app shows that there is 45% free in EXT of 209MB but Data only has 14% free of 39 MB. When i try to install new apps from the market it trys to install them in Data and not EXT telling me I have run out of space. Can anyone help???
  10. If someone can make one I would also like just the circle battery add on and nothing else.
  11. Latest update of Amazon Kindle appears broken on lots of phones
  12. KonstaT When in flight mode the lock screen appears to be incorrect. It dies not show the alarm and does nit show the phone charging and battery charge when the charger is attached andy9876
  13. KonstaT If I was install from scratch what EXT type should I use (ext2,3 or 4) What size should it be? Do I need to use a SWAP file and what size should this be. Many thanks andy9876
  14. I am not sure this works. Whenever I open the dialled it opens the contact view,regardless of the last view. Is this a bug?

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