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  1. Mouse pointer is not working good on WM 6.5.x as it was working with WM 6.1 cuz of the different structure between 6.1 and 6.5.x. WM 6.5.x is made to be much more finger friendly than 6.1, so you practically don't need the stylus or the mouse pointer. There is not known fix for this cuz it is impossible to fix it. And Samsung Omnia i900 got up to WM6.1, there was never an official WM 6.5.x ROM for the Omnia i900. All WM6.5.x ROM's you see for Omnia i900 are custom cooked ROM's, in other words "ported ROM's" to work on Omnia i900.
  2. To be honest, I haven't had Nokia Lumia 1520 in my hands to feel it, so i can't say about that. You do talk about 1520 that it have far too much flex, right? Lumia 925 has a metal case but only from the sides. However, i haven't notice such case on my Samsung ATIV S, no flex at all, maybe it's made entirely from a polycarbonate, but when you hold it, it feels premium in the hands and pretty solid. In my experience, a thick leather pouch is always "a must", not that only protects the entire device (mostly the screen), but it also give the device that extra solidness in the pocket.
  3. I was thinking Windows Phone, now I am having Windows Phone 8! :)))

  4. In my experience since i start using smartphones, especially with touch screens (starting with my beloved Omnia i900, still use it tho) i never, and i mean NEVER face the screen towards my leg, just cuz of the accident you had. I always face the screen towards outside and making sure not to knock it from the corner of the table or anything else. So far it worked perfectly for me. A leather pouch is always welcomed in additional protection of your phone. I think that a full leather pouch is way more protective of your phone than any other pouch or bumper mask or flip-flop mask. I had (still have it) a leather pouch for my Samsung Omnia i900 (which is my secondary phone) and an awesome thick leather pouch for my primary phone which is Samsung Ativ S. No problems so far. :)
  5. Ok, first thing first, i will answer you as you asked questions in order in your post: - OCK's latest Eclipse ROM is one of my favorite ROM's i have been using it and i was very satisfied. About the weather tab, it is not working cuz the service is not working anymore. All OCK Roms are great, the latest they are the less bugs they have. OCK back in the time was very accurate of updating his roms and fixing bugs. So, about all roms is the same thing "The latest version is always the better one" - About Yonn roms, i would recommend latest i900 HS++ V2 ReLoaded ROM or any of his latest versions. - All ROMs i have on my 4Shared folder are tested on my Omnia and carefully chosen by therms of speed, accuracy, reliability, battery life, etc. Whoever you choose you won't regret. I am currently using OCK UltraLite ROM 29005, its a great ROM and i am very satisfied. Don't know about GPS, but i think its working, cuz i never needed a GPS, So i can't tell you. - About your phone part, let me clear you some things. Windows mobile is divided in two parts, Phone Part and PDA part. ROMs are in the PDA part, not the phone part, So what you have problems with the phone part is cuz of the phone part that is installed from the manufacturer. ROM's doesn't have any connections to the Phone part of your phone. Installing a rom will change your PDA part, your Phone part won't be affected. If you want to change the Phone Part you have to install it separately. In my 4Shared folder you have some phone parts that by my searching gave best results for the users of Omnia i900. I personally never changed my Phone Part, it is as it was from the Day 1 when i bought it cuz its very good (it's JCHJ3). - Also you will see in the first post of this thread in the list in the part of "Samsung Omnia i900 Phone Parts" is a video of how to flash a radio part (Phone Part) on your Omnia i900 through Win 7. Its pretty much the same with flashing a ROM from Win7 too. It's the same procedure. But there is number of threads here that will guide you how to do that through Win 7, you just have to do a little bit of reading :) I hope i answered your questions, but if you have something else to ask me about, feel free to ask it. Cheers.
  6. Thats for Samsung Epix, this is a thread for Samsung Omnia i900, please, next time make a difference before posting something. Thank you.
  7. I see that you haven't move your ass to do a little research here or any forums or not even google. but since this is your first post here I will forgive you. Next time you ask questions on this forum or any forum similar to this, first do a research to find your answer, then if you don't find, you can ask question in the thread closest to you question. Otherwise, no one will answer you. Anyway, the answer of your question is: NO, it can be flashed only with usb cable, which can be found online to buy it and its super cheep (search eBay, amazon, etc.)
  8. All those ROMs are for Samsung Omnia i900. On the other hand i do not give tutorials or help, because if you did a search on this thread you will notice that there are few threads where they actually explain to you how to flash a new ROM on your Omnia, so do a little re-search on this forum, you will find your answer 100%, you just need to do a bit of a reading. Also, if you never flashed a ROM on your Omnia before, I strongly recommend you NOT TO DO IT. because there are very big chances that you will end up with bricking your Omnia if you don't know what you are doing. Cheers.
  9. Check out my modaco thread (its down in my signature), most of his latest and best roms are there, links are working but you have to have an account on 4Shared so you be able to download it. Cheers.
  10. Holy crap, didn't check that at all, i had for like 97 apps in the Apps folder and now are only 52. Will check with 4shared what happened, but good thing is that i have there a backup private folder (who is not shared) for all the apps, phone parts and roms, that are in the shared folders. Untill I check that, you shoulr PM me with the apps you want and I will send you on your email. As you can notice on some apps there is a "email me for this" so, those are apps that meets copyrights of the apps even that all those apps are now for free. All the best, cheers. EDIT (31.07.2013): All files re-uploaded again in folder "Samsung Omnia i900 Apps"
  11. Do you want to change the language or to flash a new rom on your omnia? If you want to flash a new rom, then there are so many threads about flashing a new roms on omnia i900. I guess you didn't search at all because the sub-forum where you put your thread have pinned some threads about flashing roms to omnia i900. Next time do research a bit longer, I am sure you will find everything you need. And I am also sure that whatever question you got regarding omnia i900, it is already answered in this threads (forums). So do a better digging before you waste another useless thread in this forums (this is a friendly suggestion). For flashing rom to omnia i900 from Windows XP (Windows XP SP2 and adove, SP3 is recommended) you need ActiveSync 4.5 After you download and connect your Omnia i900 with your computer, try search one of the pinned threads (usually are on the top of the list) and there is explanation step by step what to do. I would highly recommend you that you do some searching and reading before you flash any rom on your omnia because you might end up bricking your phone and thats another headache to solve after. If at any point you do not understand how flashing rom is doing, DO NOT flash on your own, take it to the guy who will know what to do. Under this post are links from my MoDaCo thread where you can download lots of apps that work in omnia and also some phone parts and roms (all the roms on the list are WM 6.5.3 Pro, so all are tested by me and working great, so whatever rom you choose you won't make a mistake), also all the apps are first tested on my omnia i900 and after i concluded that they are working, i put them for download. All are latest to their versions. Happy flashing and try not to brick your phone. :) P.S. - All the roms are WWE (World Wide English), :) Cheers
  12. Otaku90, this and the other rom you posted look very nice and promising. Would be good if you give more details about the rom the way the best omnia i900 chefs did in their threads, like chef OCK, Yonn, Steff195, shokka, K1, Obi Wan Radd and many more. Look up for their threads how they present their roms and please do it that way so everyone can be informed good as it should be. And please provide more screenshots as long with screenshots with the Version and About screen. Please notice that if this roms are previously presented by others and all you did is just cooking a theme in it, that they would be removed by the policy of modaco and copyrights. Yes, Omnia i900 is an old phone and WM is dead OS, but the policy is still valid. If this is entirely new rom cooked by you or your friends, then please provide us with details about it. i am sure that you already search this forum to see the threads for the roms from the chefs i mention above, so you know how to do your thread. Please tell us if this roms are WWE (World Wide English) or we need a special cab so we can change it on english? Do not provide us with links for the whole threads about this roms from another forum, cuz as i noticed, those forums are not english. To avoid posting the same post to the thread of your other rom, i will say that this goes for the other rom called Reborn too. All the best my friend, cheers :) P.S. If I could be of any assistance, please let me know, i will be glad to help.
  13. I guess you got stuck on start screen and the phone couldn't start, in that case you have to do manual hard reset of your phone. It will erase all data stored on your phone, it will not erase the rom, but at least the phone will be returned on the factory settings that worked best by then. Anyway, write me a private message here how to connect with you (facebook or some kind of messenger) so i can guide you step by step how to do that. Cheers.
  14. baboka, didn't quite understand what is your problem. Did the phone turned off during the flash of a new rom or the computer went off during flashing a new rom and now you are stuck and your phone won't start at all? Can you be more precise of your problem, so we can narrow down the search and help you with the problem. I see you use Google Translate to post here on english, but I guess google translate didn't quite translate the way you want. Here is a tip to use properly Google Translate: Try to write on your proper mother language. the official one. That way Google will translate correctly what you want to translate. :)
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